NNPC exposes the lies of VP Osibanjo about subsidy payments



            *Confirms Federal Govt, Secret direct withdrawal of trillions of Naira for Subsidy from Federations account without N/A approval or budgetary allocations.


Prof. Yemi Osinbajo

 ABUJA- Finally the truth long hidden seem to be getting out of the secret vault where it has been kept for long following the total expose made by the NNPC representative in the House of Representative few days ago over the issue of Subsidy payments.

Before this expose, the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has in over four occasion came out expressly to confess that  the Nigerian Government as in the Federal Government is not paying a dime of any kind on Subsidy for Petroleum but that the NNPC is the body paying all subsidy in the Petroleum importation regime.

But this wholesome lies of the Vice President which many before now had accepted with a pinch of salt was exposed when the NNPC representative in the ongoing   House of Representative Ad-hoc Committee looking in to the state of the Country’s four Refineries Chief Operation Officer in Charge of refineries Mr. Anibor Kragar came out openly to confess that the NNPC contrary to the Vice President story was not paying any money for fuel subsidy but that the Federal Government is doing just that thereby putting a big lie to the tales been peddle all over the country by the Vice President Pastor Yemi Osibanjo.

This Shocking revelations has again brought to fore how the Country Federal government with budgetary allocation for Subsidy or due process has been secretly withdrawing several billions of dollars secretly from the Federations sacred account to pay for unknown subsidy which they  told Nigerians does not exist and a fraud without the approval of the National Assembly or calculating bodies but known to very few in the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

Attempts by Daily Watch to speak with one of the most outspoken aides of the Vice President over the expose  and lies of the Vice President Pastor Yemi Osibanjo on the payment so far of several trillions of Naira unbudgeted and unapproved by the National Assembly which is the only body authorized constitutionally to  approve such payments was not possible as Laolu Akande the Vice President aide refused to respond to all messages to his line.




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