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Nnmadi Kanu; Assassination bid Gets awry in the South-East?



ENUGU- Days ago your darling paper Daily Watch gave you a hint about the plot to hit the South-East and South-South with highly trained and specialized snipers  for the purpose of quelling the agitations in the South East and South-South coupled with the secret plot to replicate IPOB with IPOBR and  all Militancy group in the Niger Delta regions with the intent to achieve a set goal.

Today, part of the scripted plot is not only been unfolded  but coming to pass in  a very dramatic way in the South-East  where wicked attack to kill the IPOB leader was carried out with  efforts  been made to replicate same in the South-South in the  days ahead, as one of clandestine efforts to replicate same in the Niger Delta with the relocation of one of the Ministers  from Niger Delta, days ago to port Harcourt to finally seal the  plot and jigsaw to  launching and attacking suspected and pencilled Militants in the Niger Delta creeks as happened in the east days ago. The attack in the East which the Nigeria Military described as  a road blockade by miscreants was actually   a well scripted plot with a determined  and  fixed target but for God intervention, the half successful plot which the military  likened to what Happened in Zaria Several months back would have been explained in similar fashion just
as the Shiites killings were explained out by the military, a road blockade against the military gone awry.

The twin aim of the plot which was according to close  military source was to escalate the crisis within and around Nnmadi Kanu’s home before well trained snipers would go for the kill only fell through
because of the quick wisdom of Nnamdi Kanu who was said to have seen through the game and plots of the Operation Python Dance 11 scheme and  quickly caution his unarmed IPOB foot soldiers not to go on offensive
against the troop of the said Operation Python dance 11 who where shooting sporadically to draw out the unarmed  Biafra boys but just defend his homestead and it was this deft move that neutralized the
well plotted  game to eventually  kill as many  youths as possible in the South-East with the cruel  excuse that miscreants  were trying to stop the  military power show  exactly as explained days ago by the
military  high command who all the while went to the east with a planed and well scripted mandate to kill and destroy Nnamdi Kanu.

A plot that necessitated the drafting of snipers,  military experts and well trained hits squad to the South-East and South-South several days back as reported by Daily Watch.

The attack which the IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu said was meant to eliminate him and several unarmed Biafra youths was crafted and executed with high Military precision but for divine intervention, as
in IPOB secret force getting a hint two hours before the army attack from an anonymous military informant in the force headquarters.

According to  Kanu Nnamdi’s the IPOB leader, “ The invasion of my village and compound and the sporadic shootings  was a crafted and well scripted plot to take  my life with as much IPOB members as
possible but for intelligence gathering of the Biafra Secret services which tipped me of the plot before the Soldiers arrived and that made us to remain calm all through their attack as against their wish for
us to retaliate and give them room to come for the final kill which is to eliminate me and thousands of  Biafra Youths”

The attack which would have led to several deaths if the IPOB leader had not adopted wisdom, would have been explained  just in similar fashion with what happened in Zaria when the same Military
attack El-Za Zakky headquarters and attributed in to road blockade like the military is trying to situate the inglorious assignation attempt to already.
The military action which was a crude show of power with a targeted mission on innocent and defenceless people of the East was a well-crafted plot as explained too by the controversial Turkish diplomat Abdulkadir Erkahramanin “the Nigerian army and government is crossing the red line and plotting to push Biafra into armed struggle”.

While many Eastern political leaders seem mute over the secret Plot against Nnamdi Kanu for selfish reasons many in the government in Abuja are said to be aware of the plot by the APC led Government to create artificial conflict in
the East with a perfect cover to eliminate Nnamdi Kanu which the Federal Government feels would stop the Biafra agitations,

What step the military  and the Federal government would adopt to carry out their dastard plot having failed in the South-East  unlike in Zaria would be known in the days ahead with the dust of the South East Python Dance 11 settles down.




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