Home CRIME Nkechi Okorocha,Uche Nwosu,commissioners look on as APC members beat up Catholic Bishop

Nkechi Okorocha,Uche Nwosu,commissioners look on as APC members beat up Catholic Bishop




                 *For asking their citizens to get their PVC and vote right


                *As Nwosu, Nkechi smile all through the attack

IMO-The reported bid for Uche Nwonsu’s governorship ambition seems to be taking a very dangerous dimension in Imo state if the Reported beating of the archbishop of Owerri Catholic Diocese Valentine Obinna is anything to work on.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that Uche Nwosu, Nkwchi Okorocha , Speaker of the Imo State house of Assembly and Several Commissioners in imo state were all among the  Several dignitaries Present in the Saint Michael’s Catholic Church Ngiwoma-Obube  church In Owa North local Government Area to honor Alex Mbata in a mass when the APC thugs and members swooped on the arch bishop for what they termed to be a political statement from the pulpit.

According to a eyewitness one Barnabas Ebe, ‘’the Occasion was going on well and the archbishop was at his best until he started talking about the need for every indigene of Imo state to get his or her voters card so as to be able to kick out any politicians that has not lived up to expectation as their PVC is their weapon to check misrule and then he  specifically talked about the bad roads in the state that need for the Government of the day to fix them and before the archbishop could continue he was interrupted by APC members who shouted him down and rushed on  towards the alter to attack  the archbishop for what they termed his speech against the APC government while  the commissioners ,governors wife and the chief of staff to governor Okorocha and others look on with smile all through the attack’’

Speaking with another Catholic Priest  Eunan Asomugho who was a witness to the attack on Archbishop Valentine Obinna, he condemned wholeheartedly and in strong terms the act of the APC men most especially in the presence of the wife of the Governor, the Chief of Staff to the governor and other commissioners when this abomination was been carried out. According to priest Eunan ‘’Are we ruling in Imo with our fist and assaults?. The Bishop was simply advocating for the less privileged in the Society and advising them. They are angry because the Bishop said the people should go  get their PVC and vote the right person in to power”

Attempts by Daily Watch to Speak to Nwosu, Okorocha son in Law and Okorocha’s Choice for Imo state Governorship ticket under the APC or the wife of the Imo state Governor to get the views on the Reported attack on the Lord’s Servant in the Lords House under the Lords alter was not possible as the Chief of Staff refused picking calls to his MTN line.



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