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Nigerians clamour for change of EFCC’s name to EYCC

Buhari and EFCC

  *As commission works better while arresting, investigating and prosecuting Yahoo Boys

By Lucky Ojigbo, Abuja

Several Nigerians disenchanted with the way the Federal government of Nigeria and the EFCC  have turned the anti corruption war into are now seriously clamoring for a change of the much feared anti corruption body before now to a new nomenclature that best suit the commission the way it is now operating.

Daily Watch spoke to a cross section of Nigerians who were vehement in the call for the Buhari led Federal government to urgently seek the counsel of the National Assembly to quickly do a change of the Anti corruption bode from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC as it is presently known to a more befitting name of  Economic of Yahoo Crimes Commission (EYCC) following the giant strides the commission has put in the fight against the Yahoo boys as against dealing with corrupt politicians and fighting real looters in the country.

The Militant leaders of the New Bakassi Strike Force (NBSF) General Maxwell Udoh in his usual blunt and frank manner describe the EFCC as dead under the Buhari’s administration as regards the much touted fight against corruption mantra of the administration presently as the EFCC is simply investigating nothing or fighting any corruption other than going about making noise with the arrest of Yahoo Boys and occasional harassment of Political opponents thereby calling for a change of name totally for the EFCC.

In his words “The EFCC has totally been reduced under Buhari’s administration to a meet toothless bulldog that speaks only in conferences of corruption or when they are out to harass or threaten an opposition figure, perceived enemies of the administration or small fry like the  Yahoo Yahoo boys. Left to me the National Assembly should urgently change the EFCC to Economic Yahoo Crimes Commission as that is a more befitting name for the dead EFCC”

Another Nigerian Clement Okoro a Social media  commentator and analyst from the East likened the EFCC to a parastatals now under the office of the chief of staff to the President and Magu and his investigators as mere pawns in their the hands of the Chief of staff t the President who now dictates every thing about the cmmision such that what one hears these days about the EFCC is the chasing, arrest, prosecution and jailing of Yahoo boys.

According to Clement “The EFCC under Buhari is finished as the office of the Chief of Staff to the President is now the over lord  decision maker for the so called EFCC except on issues concerning Yahoo Yahoo boys which have for some time now become the major job of the EFCC making one to wonder of the EFCC should not be given its real name as Yahoo crimes commission or Yahoo fighters commission”.

Another Nigerian spoken  Barrister James Ihijie  described the EFCC as finished with the way the Commissions go about selective investigations and selective seizures of properties of those been investigated, in cases of those close to Buhari  even when charges are crafted no one hears of properties seizures like the case of Ex SSG Babachir, NHIS Boss, Aide Camp to Aisha, Ex Dss Director etc but  papers are awash with such when it involves opposition figures and Yahoo Boys funnily making the war against corruption a total charade that necessitate the change of name of the commission,

In James’s own word “The anti corruption war and the EFCC has been reduced to a mockery of corruption war. When Buhari’s close associates are arrested you hardly hear of seized properties and in some cases of any investigations or prosecution  like in the cases of the Aide the camp to Aisha Buhari, Ex-DSS DG, Ex NIA DG, Minister for Interior, Buratie houses in Dubai, Ex SSG to the Federal Government, the recently freed Goje and hundreds of others but when it involves wife of Good luck, PDP Senators from Delta, Ayodele Fayose etc we see seizures etc in papers by the same EFCC that has totally changed the anti great war drum to Yahoo Yahoo War in this same Nigeria, real shameful”.

Daily watch severally tried to reach out to the EFCC via their Spokes person Tony Orilade on the diverse complaints against the EFCC and the urgent call for name change of the commission to reflect its new found work for its investigators which is now Yahoo Yahoo but shockingly got no reply to the over four text messages sent to his lie.




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