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Nigerian soldiers aid herdsmen Killings in Pleteau- Chief Kaze



*It’s common to see herdsmen feeding on our farms with known Soldiers of OPERATION SAFE HAVEN standing in guard.


PLATEAU- Just as the Fulani herdsmen have refused to heed the words of reasons in their killing games and plots so are more facts and expose coming out on the roles of the near symbiotic affinity that seem to exist between these dare Devil and the men of the Nigerian Military.

Daily Watch investigations in the Plateau Valley days ago after some intense killings among the Survivors and natives exposes and re occurring tales in the mouth of most of the Survivors of communities and villages attacked by the so called herdsmen, which is one of connivance and symbiotic relation between the Soldiers in the Operation Safe Haven of Plateau state, Cat race  in Taraba and the killer herdsmen.

According to the District head of Dong one of the recently attacked communities in Jos North Local Government area of plateau state Chief Kaze Iyam the Military is totally compromised in the killings going on in the  plateau as we the people of plateau have totally lost confidence in the Nigerian Military to Protect or keep the peace in our communities as they in most time collude with the herdsmen to unleashes mayhem on the people they claim they are here to protect.

In the words of the District head of Dong District Chief Kazim Inyam ‘’After Every Successful attack by the herdsmen and killing of our people. soldiers are normally seen aiding and guiding herdsmen and their cattle to feed fat on our farms, several known Soldiers with the so called Operation Safe Haven had been sighted leading herdsmen  with their cows to occupy areas where people houses were burnt and the people displaced, these soldiers are at times in Operation Safe Haven Hilux Vans’’.

Also Speaking in the same light is the Chairman of Takum Local Government area of Taraba state Shibah Tikari who claimed that the Military position themselves in the towns arresting and beating  Youths in Town while leaving  the herdsmen  to operate in the villages and Bushes unopposed despite the so called presence of the so called operation cat race team.

The Same came of the Mouth of the  chairman of Ussa local government area of Taraba state Mr.Rimamsikwe Karma who described the killers as herdsmen but with more of Released Boko Haram men by the Government as the are all armed with  Machine guns and sophisticated weapons in their attack while soldiers are nowhere to be found but quick to show up after they the killers must have left the scene.

Attempts by Daily watch to reach out to the Head of the operation Safe Haven in Plateau state to react to the statement of Chief Kazim Iyam, the district head of Dong District in Jos North was not possible as calls put to the lines of the commander were not going through.


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