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Nigerian military connives with Fulani killers herdsmen-Survivors, Murray,Nzatimon



Godfrey Murray,80 yr old Eli Nzatimon and other Survivors in Kikang Village tell their experience


ADAMAWA- The Stories of Military support and assistance to herdsmen killing Nigeria in different part of the country seem a reoccurring decimal if the stories of woes and Military connivance with the killer herdsmen are anything to write home about.

Daily Watch investigations and runs through the three Local Governments areas of Demsa, Lamurde and Gerei local government area of Adamawa State where Fulani herdsmen hold sway is a shocking tales of sorrow, tears and blood as every family seem to be in one form of mourning, weeping and teeth gnashing from the massacre and genocidal onslaught of the so called Criminal Gang by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Speaking with many of the survivors in the attack on communities in kikeng, Lamurde and Opolla it was a tale of Nigerian Military not doing it right in protecting the Christian inhabitants of Numan who within days has witnessed well over 60 deaths from the marauding herdsmen assisted indirectly by the men of Nigeria Military according to almost all the Survivors.

According to Godfrey Murray one of the Genocidal survivor, “’the herdsmen struck without any signs and started shooting from all fronts as most of us had to run into the bush with my younger one dispatch to go get the Military down only for the same Military to slow down their coming with tales of absence of fuel and not getting directive from their commanders to move and finally when they did they us touch lights to point directly to the areas the herdsmen are and re circle the beams of the lights as signal for the herdsmen to escaped before they finally get to the  attacked communities, the Military seem to be working hand in hand with the herdsmen as even hearing of gun shots is enough to bring them but no they won’t until the herdsmen would have left, that’s their modus operandi”.

In the words of another Survivor from Opella Dav Communities receiving treatment in Numan General hospital  David Doctor 56  ‘’The herdsmen are as ruthless as they come and shoot every single moving target with extreme confidence and sophisticated weapons that even miles afar you can hear the ricocheting sounds of their weapons but in all theses the Military not far of would pretend deaf to theses Sounds until hours after the herdsmen must have left and they would show up to ask stupid and funny questions as if they are not part of the Herdsmen game plot putting just charade to deceive the  Christian Numans that the Military are around’’

The Same tales was heard  from one Jonathan Agabus a survivor from Kikeng who claimed the Numans are treated like second class citizens in Nigeria .In his   words ‘’We the Christian Numans all over Adamawa live at the Mercy of the so called Fulani herdsmen who chooses to take on any village or communities they so  wish and desire for extermination with the Nigerian Military commanders doing nothing since they too are also supporting the herdsmen as most of them are Fulanis on Military Uniform  from the language they speak always after the herdsmen disappearance to thin air immediately the Military are coming in an escape mood indicating that they have been told to leave because they  the herdsmen would be heard in Fulfulde the Fulani language shouting among themselves to leave as they have been  informed by their brothers in Uniform that they the military  are on their way’’

Same story of Military connivance pervade the length and breadth of the Land of the Numans who have suffered incalculable loses in terms of lives and properties running into several billions in the hands of the marauding and genocidal herdsmen.

Daily Watch attempts to Speak with the head of the Military team on Ground in Numan on the Numerous accusation against the Military was rebuffed by the military officers guarding the officers in charge


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