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Nigerian military aiding herdsmen in Benue- Survivors




                    *IHRCMG, survivors complain as there looks the other way as herdsmen move with their cattle with weapons under in spite of the grazing laws.


       *As death toll in Omosu attack rises over 24

BENUE-As President Mohammadu Buhari continues his visit to states prone to serious attack by Jihadists cum herdsmen the people of Benue state and a Human right group has come out with scattering condemnation of the  role Military in Benue which has seen several communities attacked with several deaths recorded in almost two weeks of the Military presence in the state.

The Group the Human Rights and Crime Mornitoring Group and some survivors of the Attack in Omosu has come out to condemn the Nigerian Military for doing nothing other than aiding the herdsmen in their attack of Benue Village and communities.

According to the HRCMG group, the Military should be held responsible for the serial attack that is ongoing in the state as they the  all the while stood aloof when over 100 thousands herds men and their cattle walked into the state freely despite knowing there is an existing law preventing the herdsmen from undertaking such movement with their cattles.

In their words ‘’that the Nigerian Military allowed herdsmen crossing from Nassarawa into Benue  even with a subsisiting law in place certainly established and confirm that the Military in Benue like they did in Plateau and other states are working hand in hand with the Military if not why is it difficult for the Military to stop the influx of the herdsmen knowing that there is a law in place banning the herdsmen from such movement but rather what we saw was the Military giving covering to the herdsmen to relocate in their hundreds and the result is the reported attacks that has commenced again in the state” .

The Group was also said to br angered by leaflets been circulated by the Military to lure people with false  hope of security into returning to the homes and community when in truth no such Security measures is on ground by the Military as they the military would have saved the three communities the herdsmen has over ran since the Military came.

Again why hasn’t the so called operation Cat race not send the herdsmen in several villages and communities taken over by gthe herdsmen after killing and sending the people parking out or get them arrested so as for the several refuges to have a home to return to.

In the words of the Spokes person of the HRCMG  group Chief Solomon Adodo ‘’The Military need to put their acts in other as every step there have so far taken appears to support the assertion that the Military are simply in the state to assist and support the herdsmen and until the Military starts the implementation of the Anti grazing laws and also prevent the influx of herdsmen into the state and sending all the herdsmen in the captured territories under Benue state  out then no sane Man would trust the Nigeria Military and their many leaflets and hand bills been dropped to deceive the people and give them false assurance to make them easy target and prey for the Fulani  land jihadist and Genocidal beast”

Also Speaking in the same vain are most of the IDPs from Omosu Village Mr. Joseph Ocheh, Issac Ideh, Pius Lochei and Gift Amahor who all  blame the Military for their plight as according to them ‘’they would have been much more Prepared than been taken unawares by the herdsmen as the military presence in the state and the domain gave them a false assurance which made the herdsmen attack easier as the so called Military was nowhere to be found when the attackers came”.

So far the Death toll in the Omosu herdsmen  Attack which was initially put at 12 has risen to over 24 following the discovery of more corpses in the bushes and burnt Houses.

Daily Watch attempts to reach out to the Operation Cat Race commandant on the stories of herdsmen moving freely and the military refusal to stop them knowing of an existing law was not possible as at the time of going to press.



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