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Nigeria underperforming because of poor leadership – Donald Duke

Donald Duke

By Asian Nkutt 

Former Governor of Cross River State and presidential aspirant, Mr. Donald Duke, has blamed the different socio-economic and political problems in Nigeria on bad leadership.

Bad leadership, according to him, had made the country to be under-performing and under-achieving.


Duke made the remarks on an online interview show, The Couch Nigeria, anchored by popular artiste, Folarin Falana (Falz) and Laila Johnson-Salami.

He however said given the opportunity, he would turn the fortune of the nation around and make it a better place.

Stating that he had passion for life, Duke disclosed that he loved seeing improvement and people achieve their potentials.

“My passion really is actualising our true potential as a nation,” he said.

He however did not disclose under which political party, he plans to contest for the presidential ticket.

He said that would be announced later.

Donald Duke declared that if given the opportunity to serve, he would try and get a few things right in the first 100 days.

According to him, that would include stopping the killings in the North East of the country, the crisis between herdsmen and farmers and economic problems among other things.

He complained about the nation’s policy on education, saying that he would do something to change it.

“The curriculum has to be revamped to keep up with the digital age.  We would ensure the teachers are trained and motivated to deal with that curriculum and then tie the teachers’ career to the students’ passage…

“Teaching requires a lot of interface; the teacher should know all the students by their names. At the end of senior secondary you should be able to leave with a requisite skill.  So, regardless of whether or not you go to the university you should be able to fend for yourself.”

On insecurity, he said security officers had to be retrained as part of efforts to improve security of lives and property.

He also said the remuneration of the security agents had to be good enough.

“His take home pay should actually take him home,” he said.

“There needs to be a system of policing where the federal, state and local government gets involved at every level. The local and state do more of the information gathering while the enforcement is left to the federal,” Duke added.

The former governor stated how he planned to achieve regular power supply in the country and spoke about the need to reduce the huge remunerations of members of the National Assembly.

He Donald Duke vowed that no corrupt person would be part of his administration.

His words:  “My corrupt acquaintances won’t form a part of my government.”

He also said that he would not criminalise homosexualism.

“I won’t criminalize it (homosexualism) because I don’t understand their emotions. They however can’t exhibit their sexuality in public; that doesn’t conform to our societal norms. We are not there yet, when you are in Rome, you behave like the Romans,” he explained.


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