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Nigeria Military Men Work as agents for Herdsmen- Survivors


PLATEAU-Nonstop Controversy seem to trail the Nigerian Military over the repeated attacks of Fulani herdsmen in towns, communities and villages  in Plateau state continuously even with the Presence of Military formations all over the state.

 The recent controversy stems from the recent attack of the Herdsmen in Nkierdonwhro Village of  Irigwe Chiefdom in Bassa Local government Area  just  few days after Similar attack was launched  that led to the death  over nine men, women and children  who were slaughtered like cows  by Fulani herdsmen.

But in this instance over twenty- Nine persons were butchered like goats and rams after men of the Nigerian military were said to have  lured the members of the local community to the local Primary school for  their safety only for them to be left  by the same  Military that deceived them there for the Fulani’s to finally come for them at the Primary school  where the Task Force is supposed to be domiciled but this time the whole Military men disappeared few minutes before the Fulani’s storm the Primary school prompting the people to again accuse the Military of preparing the people for slaughter by the Fulani Herdsmen.

According to spokesperson and President of the Irigwe Development Association Mr. Sunday Abdu and some of the Survivors of the Fulani Attack who spoke to Daily Watch team ‘’ What happened was total annihilation  as innocent  people were killed in cold blood after been deceived by men of the Nigerian Military to the Primary school for safety  when information was received about the Fulani planed attack only  for the whole Military men to disappear for the Fulani killers to wipe them out. How can you have personnel of the Federal Republic of Nigeria running away and leave the citizens to be slaughtered like rams? How and why? That is to tell you we either don’t have Security or the Military and the Fulani are cohorts in this series of massacre taking place in and around plateau state for sure”.

‘’While no single arrest is normally made when the herdsmen attack and kill our people the military are most time fast and quick to arrest and detain helpless natives when the Fulani’s have left on suspicion of possession of weapon despite picking handsets of the killers herdsman which would have helped them to trace the killers but which normally gets back to the killers”’.

Another Survivors Mr. Amos  Samson and Mr. Denial Ham told Daily Watch that the   attackers are known Fulanis  who  we have cohabited with them  for  a long time and  well  known to most of them when they come for these attacks but what normally shock them  is  the disappearance of the military few Minutes to when the Fulanis are  to attack and most times after the Military  would  have  ransacked  their villages and communities   searching for arms to seize so s for the Fulanis to have free sail through  with their dastard act.

In their words ‘’The military seem to be working hand in hand with the herdsmen as most time the Military carry out raids and ransacked our communities for arms only for the Fulanis to storm some few Minutes after such arms search by the Military who would then disappear leaving the villagers to the mercy of their assailants, the Fulani Herdsmen’’

It would be recalled that these same allegations against the Nigeria Military was Prevalent across the North Central zone during the sitting of the Presidential Panel on Human right abuses by the Nigeria Military.



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