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Nigeria @ 59: Bounanawei  sues for peace, unity among Nigerians

Amb.Godday Smith (aka Bounanawei, King of the forest) and others


By Philip Makillo, Warri



Peace  ambassador,  Godday Smith (aka Bounanawei) called for for peace, tolerance and unity among Nigerians to live together for a greater Nigeria.


Godday Smith, a former Niger Delta agitator made the call  while jubilating with friends and brothers to mark the 59th anniversary celebration in his palace in Warri, Delta state.

His word. ‘‘ We have to tolerate one another religion, live as in peace and unity to move the nation forward. Ijaw nation will move forward as they have been the nation keeping the nation together since independence with our oil and Gas wealth after Cocoa and groundnut.

‘‘ I urge the leaders to lead with sincerity like the founding fathers of the nation. Nigeria has enough that could go round to everybody, if it is judiciously distributed. But to the best of my knowledge, greed is the eaten deep into the county’s leaders and affects the masses ’’ he said.


He charged the youths, particularly Niger Delta youths to work hard and avoid the desperate tendency to get rich temptation which has led many into crime, trouble and untimely death.


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