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NIGERIA @57 :”We will no longer Keep Quite for our under development’’- Benibai President BCYF







It is often said that the worse form of ingratitude is gratitude unexpressed, it is on such premise that I want to particularly thank and appreciate members of this gathering for squeezing out time despite their busy schedules, we must at the risk of repetition reemphasized that we are so grateful for this show of love.

It is no longer a news that Burutu, the headquarter of our dear Local Government Council and neighbouring Forcados played vital role in the pre and post colonial Nigeria, but today it saddened me that these historic towns could be so abandoned and reduced to this level.


Burutu Youth Forum under my leadership as a pressure group will look into the issues of our underdevelopment, I believe that this is not what God want Burutu to be, God’s plan is to see Burutu transforming into a mega city. What have kept Burutu in this baleful situation is the cruelty of mankind.

If Burutu was booming and having tarred roads, rails and lots of entertainment centers in the past when colonial masters were ruling, then what happens now that we are ruling ourselves. On a daily basis, we hear and read on several social media platforms and even conventional newspapers about the marginalization of the Niger Delta region and her people. Whom do we blame in the present state of Burutu now?, If Burutu was making progress then and now being stagnated and had retrogressed beyond recognition under our watch.

The story of Burutu backwardness is quite different from other marginalization issues in the Niger Delta, we are facing double oppression, both internal and external.

The people coming to rule Burutu are not foreigners, neither are they from the North, West or East nor Isoko, Urhobo, Itsekiris etc. We are the people ruling ourselves with allocations accruing monthly to the council but yet there is nothing good to celebrate by the indigenes of Burutu being a local government headquarter for over 40 years now.

The Local Government Council from successive administrations have not done anything for us, that is why till date we are lacking virtually all social amenities like water, electricity, road and in fact the purported general hospital that we have is also without light and no equipment as most cases that could ordinarily be treated here would be referred to Warri, what happens when one do not have the financial strength to bear such burden. We are terribly bleeding and suffering miserably in Burutu.

E.K Clark

Sometimes one is tempted to state that the Burutu headquartership is only in theories, practically there is nothing to show for. We have been abandoned, peogeon hold, disjointed and disconnected politically. The Local government was supposed to be closest to our people but in reality, it is like the Federal Government to us in terms of development, the Federal and state governments had left some good legacies in Burutu while the Local Government is only leaving behind painful memories for the people.

We want to thank the state government for the establishment of the Delta State School of Marine Technology, Burutu and the subsequent accreditation of courses of the institution. All thanks to the Delta State Government that Burutu is still existing otherwise we would have been grappling with the forces of extinction.

The story of Forcados, the first administrative headquarter of colonial Nigeria remains a painful example, till date owing to the cruel negligence, people no longer believes that Forcados was an administrative headquarter in Nigeria, but we must strive to tell our story to the World, we have to begin to tell our own side of the Nigerian story.

It would be recalled that since the commencement of academic activities in the Delta State School of Marine Technology, Burutu in 2011 till date, despite the vast expanse of land donated by Burutu Community to the State government for the permanent site of DESOMATECH, regrettably, we are yet to see any completed project on the permanent site after six years of its establishment. The only tertiary institution standing in Ijaw land, Delta State is so understaffed, underfunded and lacks equipments for practical purposes.

Burutu Youth Forum under my command would have a zero tolerance for social vices of any kind, the presence of security outfits like the Police, Civil Defense, Vigilante and our community youths would be very visible throughout this administration.

We are going to establish a symbiotic relationship with all these aforementioned security outlets to ensure sustainable peace and stability in Burutu community that all of us would be proud of.

Burutu is in dire need of rebirth, Burutu does not deserve to be in darkness anymore, Burutu youth forum under my leadership will be that voice for our liberation. We will no longer remain mute for our underdevelopment, we have to re-examine the basis of our political existence in the Local Government, if 41 years after BURUTU being a headquarter can be so dejected and relegated to this pitiable state, we will have to make things work for the betterment of the community. We will shout and make critical appraisals where necessary.


Burutu as a very prominent town in Nigeria is undoubtedly hosting almost every ethnic groups in Nigeria, not only in relation to Burutu Local Government and Delta State. So anything done in Burutu will be enjoyed by almost all Nigerians.


President Muhammadu Buhari schooled in Burutu, but during that era, Burutu was not so, the name Burutu is an household name in Nigeria but a visit to this community would tell otherwise. I am very sure that if Buhari is to visit Burutu again, he won’t be able to recognize Burutu owing to its nascent retrogression.

It would be a grave offence if I conclude this address without commending my predecessor Comr. Louis Ekemiafa for contributing his quota in the developmental journey of Burutu, thank you very much as we are very proud to have you and would continue to consult you and all other former Presidents of the forum within intervals.

We will continue to lias with our mother executives in giving the people of Burutu that radical agitation needed for the revamping of Burutu, this we will do by engaging critical stakeholders about the plight of our situation.

In conclusion, it is still possible to revamp Burutu from its tortures state, it is said that politics directs the political destiny of any country, state, Kingdom and communities. Dear leaders, darkness and underdevelopment seems to be making a permanent dwelling in this Island of no regret, I am very sure that our political leaders would begin to prioritize the development of Burutu for the benefit of Niger Delta. The seemingly neglected construction of Burutu township roads project by the Delta State Government under Senator. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa must not be allowed to join the league of other abandoned projects that litters the town.

Thanks once again to everyone that have come to grace this occasion with us, journey mercies we prayed as we journeyed back to our various destinations.


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