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Niger Delta People will not relent struggle over true federalism – Prof. Darah


By Christopher Tom, Uyo


The Chairman Pandef Delta State, Professor GIGI Darah said the Niger Delta People would not relent despite the uphill task over the struggle of true Federalism.



The Chairman Pandef Delta State, Professor GIGI Darah made this known in his lecture during the Niger Delta alternative conference in Uyo.


The Chairman said the people in the region has witness and experience monumental suffering and hardship without good water, health hazard, air pollution and to crown it all environmental pollution which the people die on daily basis seriously needs federal government attention but has put deaf ear for donkey years.


According to him, the issue showcase that Nigeria is the only Country across the globe that is colonizing her people, take advantage of their land and resources for them to experience the entire development.


He said with these experience the country is not practicing true federalism putting the people in perpetual suffering without collaborating with the owners of the land for them to become slaves in their own country over their right which has been denied by the government which he allege towards the circumstance.


The Chairman Pandef said even the political parties are not helping hands or are not friends to the region rather become enemy of progress to the entire Niger Delta people while because some of our leaders in this party are not helping matters which it was allege they are working against their people, should understand they are sons and daughters of Niger Delta which the people that voted them in power have seen nothing from them but would still come again for them to be voted into power without any expectation.


He called on the people of Niger Delta to rise up over the challenge and continue the struggle for true federalism and believe some of our leaders would understand the predicament they are facing in the region and forget about paper work but face practical of the matter on ground for the people not to be denied over their right in their fathers land.


Earlier, the former governor of Akwa Ibom State, Obong Victor Attah said the entire drama is an unfortunate disaster to the people in the region and call on them to always maintain peace that the issue on ground should not be forgotten in a hurry.


He said the people has been denied over their right in their own land but understand the struggle would not come to an end until justice is done while commended them for their massive turnout during the conference.



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