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NFF gives coaching job to depressed Oruma



         *Gets job and possibly coach training


ABUJA-The sun seem to be on the rise again for embattled  and totally  depressed Nigeria    football icon Wilson Oruma as the Nigerian football Federation (NFF) has come to his aide with a coaching job.

The news which came as a great one to the extremely depressed footballer is coming at a time when the football great was almost going down as a result of been scammed by a professional scammer cum pastor of over 1.4 billion naira.

The football act who have ever since then been in and out of the hospital for depression and other strange ailment as a result of his lose would be a new creature with this highly applauded act by the Nigerian Football Association headed by Amaju Pinnick.

The Job which would see Oruma becoming a junior Coach with the Nigeria under 20 team would also see the MFF assisting him to go for a coaching job through any of the old clubs he plied his professional career with all through the span of his forage in  football abroad..

According to Amaju Pinnick, Oruma would be moving in with him, the NFF president this week pending the complete renovation of his official accommodation. In the words of Pinnick ‘’Wilson Oruma case is a pathetic one and all we need is to show him absolute love, the NFF would include him to play a role in our award Ceremony coming up soon, thereafter ,we will include him in the U-20National Team. Come June, we will also include him in the contingent to Russia to cheer up the Super Eagles. We are in talks with some foreign clubs he played for in his days to allow him come and undertake a coaching course with them’’.


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