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New Northern Leadership; Shehu Sani,Umar Abubarka Top List


KANO-  A new northern leadership  has emerged to pilot the affairs of the north after a great consultative meeting with both former and serving to military generals and top politicians as well as businessmen.

A dynamic but serious political and paradigm shift is already said to be hitting the northern part of the country faster than any one had expected.


The shift which would see the Northern axles of the country better of is said to be led by several Northern intelligentsia who are said to be angered by not just the parasitic  state the once vibrant North has been turned into but also disenchanted with the divisive pattern the present crops of leaders in the North are playing.

The group which cuts across the nineteen Northern states in the North is said to have penciled two very unique and unblemished but vibrant leader  in the North as their case study of what the North and genuine leadership should be.

Already the group is said to have reached out to Senator Shehu Sani to go for the Governorship seat of Kaduna state with the intention to use him to replicate the agenda of the group which is to return the
North to the 1960 status where the North does not depend on oil from the South as live wire of their existence.

The group which is said to believe in the total restructuring of the country as a panacea to the nations myriads of problem is said to be propping up great but open minded young leaders in the North to take over power.

Already three leaders of the group who do not see tribe, religion or region as their focus has been counseled to seek for higher political positions as a prelude to their going for the higher stake
in the near future.

As a starting point Senator Shehu Sani ,the senator representing Kaduna Central has been picked to slug it out with El Rufai for the Governorship seat while another erudite member of the group retired Colonel Abubarkar Umar  has been tipped for Presidency in the future has  been counselled to move to the Senate before taking a shot for the Presidency.

The aim of these sets of  selected Northern elites is to systematically  wage a war to push out all known northern leaders that use religion and others to destabilized not only the North but create unexpected rift with other groups in the country.


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