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New CP runs as fast as legs could take him from Kogi

IGP,Ibrahim Idris


*As Gov Bello threatened to make life miserable for him


IG, Ibrahim

Kogi-The Executive Governor of kogi State Alhaji Yahaya Bello seem to be getting more powerful every day either as a result of his closeness to the President Mohammadu Buhari or certain factors yet unknown to Nigerians.

The Gov who has literarily sent Senator Dino Malaye from kogi state such that the Senator has become a wanted man even while he sits in the Nigerian Senate for what the Nigerian Police termed giving Guns to his own Dino Malaye Suspected Killers arrested by the Police for attempted murder of Dino several Months ago

The Governor seem to have graduated from sending senators scampering for safety and total control of the workings of police in the state to the task of deciding which Police officers and men could visit, stay or work in the state.

In a shocking expose just Thursday, the State Governor has not just asked the newly appointed Commissioner of Police not to set foot in the state for his own life but had actually with threats sent the Commissioner running away from the state in what many has today described as extremely strange.

The New Commissioner of police for Kogi state Esu Sunday Ogbu who was the Commissioner of Police Federal Operations  before he was appointed days ago to change the outgoing  but controversial commissioner   Ali Janga who seem to be a police Boss to the Governor rather than to the state and federal Government.

The new Commissioner according to Daily Watch information was sternly warned and cautioned by the Governor to either run from the state or regret ever coming to the state to work and this warnings was said to have gone with intense threats from the Kogi Governor that made the Commissioner to flee the state back to Abuja even before his resumption in the state.

Already, many are of the opinion that Yahaya Bello is more of a small god in Kogi if a high ranking Police officer in the level of a Commissioner can flee a state on the order and threat of a Governor.

Daily Watch investigations Confirmed that te state Governor has vowed to see that except a favorable commissioner that would do his bidding is sent to the state the Inspector General of Police would lose his position forcing many to wait if the postings of Esu Sunday Ogbu would be dropped by the IG to placate and please Gov Bello who is becoming more than total tyrant in Kogi state in what many now termed to be for his closeness to the President of the Federation.

Attempt to speak with Yahaya Media team was not possible but shocking id the fact that the new Police Commissioner was not available in the day of handover by his predecessor in the State police Command days ago.



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