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Nembe youths pressurize Journalist to join assembly race


Mr.Numonengi, under the eyes of Nembe youths

YENAGOA-A Pan-Nembe youth organization, Save Nembe Group (SNG), has endorsed a Yenagoa based journalist, Samuel Numonengi as its candidate for the forthcoming Nembe constituency 1 state assembly election in Bayelsa.


The group in a meeting held in Yenagoa passed a vote of no confidence on the incumbent lawmaker, Ebi Ben-Ololo, saying he has not been able to meet the aspirations of the youths from the area in the past four years.

The coordinator of the group, Comrade Edward Ayibaemi, further alleged that with all the funds that accrued to the area in the past four years, Ben-Ololo has failed to carry out a single constituency project.

Explaining further, the group said Numonengi became their choice because of how he positively impacted the lives of Nembe youths when he served as Student Union Government’s Director of Social and Parliamentarian of NUBSS representing all Nembe students at the University of Port Harcourt.

According to Ayibaemi, the group has resolved to vote Numonengi because of how he has used his position as a journalist to take issues affecting Nembe people, especially youths to the front burner.

They also called on the leadership and card carrying members of the biggest party in Africa, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) the ticket to contest the constituency 1 come 2019, describing Numonengi as the hope of the youths in Nembe.



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