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NEMA loot: High tech pressure from monarchs,cabal to halt or skew probe



*As Reps discover more loot, phony payments and contracts like 10 billion Ecological payments of 5.9 billion naira intervention payments

     *DG Mustapha Mahaija employs blackmail, lies, propaganda, lobby to get off the hook


Mustapha Mahaija

ABUJA- The Probe by the House of Representative committee on Emergency and natural crisis seem to be faced with serious crisis and unusual pressure if the events and plot by the powers that be to thwart the whole probe is anything to go by.

Daily Watch investigations unearthed monumental plot by the DG to hoodwink the Representative panel to either drop the probe entirely or to skew it to favour him but shockingly members of the panel headed by Johnson Agbonayinma seem not to be cut out for games as he has remained not lobby firm in the pursuit of the truth of the whole loot but shockingly has unearthed more looted funds by the DG Mustapha Mahaija in course of running NEMA in the past.

Daily Watch investigations has it that the DG seem to be highly connected and has mobilized two powerful Northern emirs to intercede on his behalf one of which was a former boss of the highest Bank in Nigeria before he became an Emir which the other succeeded anther Emir who was removed from power as an Emir and sent on exile.

The Dg Mustapha Mahaija is also involved in the sponsorship of materials both on print media and others to cast the suspended six Directors in bad light one of which was the story that the six Directors stole Government Documents  but this too seem not to be cutting ice among the panel members who are totally sticking to the facts and all evidences on ground to reach their conclusions.

Daily Watch also can confirm the discovery of other monumental fraud by the DG and are set to run and investigations how NEMA money budgeted for a specific purpose and projects ended up in and unbudgeted purpose and contracts for the benefit f those on top in NEMA.

Already Daily Watch findings confirm that other projects and contracts the Reps are looking ar included among others the 5.9billion Naira food intervention fund in the North East,3.1 billion again food intervention fund in the North East,1.6 Billion Libyan returnee fund,1.6 billion for food in 16 states, a shocking 800 million for Demurrage on Rice donated by the Chinese government,10 billion Naira Ecological payments and several other phony payments said to have been done by the embattled DG.


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