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NDNAF condemns soldiers massacre of peaceful protesters in Lekki

By Amgbare Ekaunkumo, Yenagoa
The leadership of the Niger Delta Nonviolence Agitators Forum (NDNAF) ably led by Comrade Wisdom Oniekpar Ikuli totally condemns the gruesome massacre of innocent peaceful Nigerians that were protesting to end SARS, bad governance, corruption and police brutality.
The group said, the hastily announced curfew by the Lagos State government in the wake of unfolding protests across the streets of Lagos was carefully orchestrated by the Lagos government to forcefully cow protesters to remain isolated and mute the collective voice of well meaning Nigerians to stop speaking against SARS, police brutality and bad governance in the country.
NDNAF noted that, the recent gruesome massacre of unharmed innocent peaceful Nigerian protesters in Lekki by the Nigerian Army, whose only crime was to speak out against bad governance, corruption, SARS and police brutality signals serious danger to our democracy.
NDNAF in a statement issued yesterday via electronic mail by it’s Spokeman, Comrade Amatoru Victor and made available to Daily watch,Stated that it is sad for the Nigerian Army and police that have not acquitted itself in the fight against Boko Haram and other security challenges to callously murder unarmed civilians.
According to them, Nigerians are still in great shock how a simple protest could lead to death sentence by the Nigerian government and his security architecture whose primary duty is to protect lives and properties.
“This ugly turn of events marks a very dark day in Nigeria’s history as a democratic nation and evokes awful memories of military rule and dictatorship in our country.
“It baffles us to see videos in circulation showing attacks by the Nigerian security agents on peaceful Nigerian protesters being widely shared on social media.
“It is very worrisome to Nigerians over the continuous silence of President Buhari and his failure to address or speak to Nigerians with respect to the demands of peaceful Nigerian protesters.
“We are urging president Buhari and the Nigerian military to cease the forceful crackdown on peaceful protesters in our country that has led to numerous deaths. As law abiding Nigerians, we have chosen to stand with our brothers across the country who are peacefully demonstrating for total reformation of the Nigerian police architecture, seeking to end bad governance and an end to corruption in the country.
“We call on the federal government to take a firm action specifically with regards to end bad governance, end corruption, police brutality and the prosecution of erring special anti-robbery police squad (SARS) officers.
“We also call on the EndSARS protesters to remain peaceful, law abiding and embrace dialogue with relevant authorities at different levels in government, in order to save lives and property.
“We deeply appeal to President Muhammadu Buhari to prevail on security agencies to exercise caution so as not to shoot at armless and peaceful protesters lawfully demanding for good governance, justice, as well as an end to police brutality and corruption.
“We are closely watching and taking record of unfolding events and reactions of the various stakeholders in the EndSARS protests, urging government at all levels to demonstrate its political will by taking positive and decisive steps to address the genuine demands made by the protesters,”he stated.


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