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N’Delta: Military officers  secret oil deal exposed, now fully into  illicit oil business

File photo: Soldiers in Niger Delta creek

  *As posting to the oil Rich Niger Delta now goes for huge money lobbying

By Steve Seigha Warri

The fight against illegal hunkering, illegal refining of petroleum products and pipeline breaking and plundering and scavenging for crude may certainly never end in the creeks and Rivers of the Niger Delta just as the Waters and Rivers can never be custodians of the normal creatures that depends on their waters to survive due to the monumental involvement and conspiracy that has totally enveloped the fight against pipeline canalization and its accompanying gains and consequences by men of the Nigerian Military posted to the Niger Delta Rivers and creeks to stop the acts.


Daily Watch secret investigations into the Creeks of the Niger Delta exposes a serious conspiracy, symbiotic affinity and stark glaring involvement of men of the Nigeria Military in the money spinning business illegal oil deals has become for the Military boys posted to the Niger Delta who are said to bribe with as much as half a  million Naira to be posted into the murky creeks and Rivers of the Niger Delta where Oil gold is milked in unrivaled quantity by them.

FILE PHOTO: Soldiers in Niger Delta

Daily Watch investigation trip which went through most of the oil rich Niger Delta Communities in Bayelsa, Rivers, Ondo and Delta was as shocking and as expository as corruption is in the land involving the men of the Nigerian Police.

Daily Watch investigation unearthed scandalous and unrivaled affinity ad conspiracy of the highest order in the Pipelines and illegal oil refining out lets popular called Local Refineries  that dots almost all creeks and villages inside the Niger Delta with some owned by even the Military officers sent in to police the criminals themselves.

Daily Watch forays into the deep creeks and rivers showed that the so called fight against oil hunkering is a monumental facade as it is simply now an avenue for Military officers posted to the creeks with several check points along the Rivers to collect their own share of the illegal oil trade that overall runs into billions of Naira to which men of the Military rakes into their pockets about  ten percent of this huge financial gains from the illegal trade and aberration.

Daily Watch Diligent investigations confirmed the involvement of the Military in two folds of the Business, while  most are station like Police does on land in diverse points on the stretch of the River in locations the tagged as Military Check points from which they the Military Collects two thousand from every small boats that loads products and  five to ten thousand for bigger vessels dome daring officers are said to have moved even further to build their own small refining camps and facilities in the creeks themselves to now also refine crude so as to milk from the multi Billion Naira illegal oil business that  is ongoing steadily in the Niger Delta in spite of the consistent tales of the Military dealing with the Pipeline vandals.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that most times, those occasionally arrested and showcased in the Media by the Military are merely the several who want to be smart and refuses to pay the fixed settlements on the creeks and river lines rather than the real pipeline vandals and refiners of the products.

Daily Watch shocking findings in the different communities, villages and creeks showed an organized racket that the whole pipeline breaking, refining and production have become with men f the Nigeria Military posed to keep vigil and stop the acts and trade becoming engrossed in the collection of their own money thereby defeating the aim of the whole charade that the military claims to by putting up in the so called illegal oil business in the Niger Delta.

A military officer spoken to by Daily Watch Haruna (other names with held) Confirmed that for them to be in the team that are posted to the river is an herculean task as some of them send a much as between half a million Naira to a million plus in settlement, middle men before the real payment of half a million t put up posting to the oil rich Niger Delta rather than the North East as coming to Niger Delta means making for life your own financial lee way through the oil rich trade in the Niger Delta.

File photo: Military senior officer and his boys on patrol in Delta state waterways

Daily Watch prodding of Haruna also exposed the facts that several officers that have been in the Niger Delta for upward a year and more are also now having their own private refining space where they have locals doing the refining business for them and making Millions in return unlike them that are just new on ground and only make do with the settlements and bribes dished out by the bunkers when their products are  been shipped from the creeks, rivers to the land for final sale to filling station owners and others

Daily Watch investigations confirms that the issue of pipeline canalization, illegal hunkering, Illegal refining etc would never ceased since those who were posted to put a stop to it are themselves fully involved in the nefarious business one way or the other thereby defeating the whole idea of the military adventure into  tackling the scourge in the first place as the greedy Nigerian factor of corruption, self first as against country and what’s my own in it has turned the whole thing into one big money business for men of the Nigeria Military.

Daily Watch frantic effort to speak with Musa Sagir on the shocking discovery in the Niger Delta Rivers and creeks and how Military Officers themselves have turned to becoming illegal producer of petroleum products and pipeline vandals was not possible as calls to the Spokes man line was not picked after calling thrice.



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