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N/Delta; Militants Dare Army; You Can’t be foolish to try Python Dance in the Creek


File photo; Militants

CALABAR- With the perceived or suspected success in the heart of the Military
in the powerful onslaught against the Independent People of Biafra
the Military seem bent on replicating such dynamic or perceived  feat
on the South -South and South-West if the words from the Defense
headquarters in Abuja  a day ago is anything to go by.

Daily Watch discuss with one of the Militants leader  in the Creeks of
the Niger Delta in far away Bakassi River was as expository  and
explicit like the speech of the military as he spoke the minds of
almost all the Militants in the Niger Delta.. According to The leader
of the New  Bakassi Strike Force Maxwell Udoh   ”the military should
not and most not foolishly delude themselves with the pyrrhic victory
in the South East and opt to extend such tricks to the Niger Delta as
they would certainly meet their Waterloo in the battle  just as in
happened to the over ambitious America in the Popular Bay of Pigs
Fiasco  in Cuba as the Militants are not stupid or mad to lie low as
the IPOB in a non violent  musicals and allow themselves to be
rubbished, maim, killed ,overwhelmed and run underground but would
not only stand up to the military might for might but also in between
the battle cripple all forms of oil exploitation and production in the
soil of the Niger Delta”

In  Maxwell Udoh’s  words, “Why  will the same Government that
begged for  a cease fire through our elders and minister for state for
Petroleum and the Vice President  with a promise to accede to demands
from the Elders now turn to a military battle without provocation ,A
battle  that they can never and will never win there by making the
Elders like Chief E .k  Clark and several others seem foolish to have
at all initiated the ceasefire which has and seem as not going to
produce anything tangible to the people of the oil rich South South
other than as usual free exploitation of the oil and killing of all
aquatic and human existence in the area of their operations like the
case of Ogoni land which the Government through the President lied to
the world that they are cleaning but little or nothing  is presently
going on there that relates to anything like what is in the Blue print
on Ogoni Clean up”.


According to the Army spokesperson Brig  Sani Usman ‘’Encouraging
feedbacks  from the South East after Python Dance 1 made the Army to
commence Dance 11 and the success of Dance 11 would now spur the army
to launch operation Crocodile Smile in the South-South and South -East
sooner than expected”

This news which came initially as a rumor and now confirmed through a
press briefing  the   Defense headquarters gave  just a day ago seem
to have totally pissed many people most of whom are the Niger Delta
Militants and people, the supposed target of the Military planned
attack and onslaught in the Creeks and river side of the  oil rich
producing  area.

While the Military in their euphoria over the IPOB seem prepared and
adequately too in a wonderful frame of mind to go all out for the
planed onslaught, the Militants who are the  supposed target seem to
not taking this news lightly as many of them are said to see the plot
of the military as not just diversionary but a  plan by the government
to dodge  its responsibilities towards the Niger Delta people taking
into  consideration the ceasefire the Militants opt for after serial
pleas by the elders led by Chief E,K, Clark in which several demands
were placed before the Federal Government with none done or
implemented even half way.

To the Militants, the government planned attack is a daring move and a
high level betrayal  to  the militants and the elders of the Niger
Delta who had put their all into  the discuss and negotiation  entered
in to  willingly by  the Government through the Vice President and the
Minister for state for Petroleum  but which now seem like a mere
deceit and gimmick to buy time while sending men from the military for
serious aquatic and military training in foreign countries so as to
take on once and for all the militants and finally kill the agitations
of the Niger Delta Militants and even that of all the ex-militants as
the Government is also planning after the onslaught to put an end to
all  monthly stipends to the Ex militants which the APC led government
consistently  see and called a drain pipe and had  been looking for a
way to stop.

Already many of the boys in the creeks are said to be  restive and
angered by the Military and the Government pronunciations by  openly
coming out to say their next target is the Niger Delta  and the  South
West, this to the Militants is a betrayal of the People of the South
South and the Niger Delta as a whole,

As it is all seem set for a combustion and conflagrations in the
creeks of the Niger Delta  if  the Military chooses to put their money
were their mouth is as the Militants who are already in their tether
drawn anger over the government silence to the several Demands from
the Elders are already set for battle which no one except God almighty
can predict the outcome.

Already, As the clock ticks away so the apprehension gets heightened
and the Prayers of all concerned Nigerians is if a new methodology as
against ‘War’  could be used in the  volatile Niger Delta as any
Conflagration and combustion would not only hurt the Niger Delta and
its people  but the Country as a whole.


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