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N/Delta: We ‘ill implement zero oil Production, Militants Warn




YENAGOA- As tension keeps heightening in the creeks of the Niger Delta, more Militants group are daily giving threats of carrying out massive attack on not just oil facilities but plotting to cripple all forms of        oil production and exploitation all over the Niger Delta.

The Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders(NDRC) led by General Kandos Oweipi and the 21st Century Youths of Niger Delta led by General Obi Tilade  have both come out to threaten and set up a coordinated and well programmed attacks to stop all kind of oil exploration, exploitation and exportation from the Niger Delta Region.

The group which felt not only aggrieved with the Operation Crocodile tears 11 commencement in the Niger Delta despite repeated warnings is also said to be greatly angered by the revelation of the World Bank President Revelations and that of the Nigerian National Corporation (NNPC) expose involving Mainkanti Baru and the Minister for State for Petroleum over appointments and contracts related issues.

According to the group ‘’The Current revelations oozing out of the NNPC and the world Bank  has given us little or no choice than to activate our digital strike force to swing into action to halt in totality further exploration and exportation of oil from the Niger Delta’.

Continuing, the Group said ’’It is obvious that the present administration despite several meetings of the Elders and the Vice President over Niger Delta Development are not just playing tricks but rather proving every passing minute that there are for the North without taking cognizance that ninety percent of the resources that sustain the Nigerian Nation is from the Niger Delta’’’.

The Coalition threatened   to commence attack on all oil facilities as it would not allow the resources from the Niger Delta Region to be used to fund just only the North in Counterpart funding with the World bank assisted projects claiming that the Niger Delta Region has not only been deprived since 1958 but keep relegated to the background even in employment in the oil companies in the region.

They castigated the Buhari government of extreme deceit since accepting the 16 point agenda of PANDAF since August 3rd 2017 with nothing towards making manifest the 16 point agenda.

In the words  General Kandos‘’It is still fresh in our mind the betrayal that led to the killing of Ken Sa Wiwa and Isaac Adaka Boro and the dehumanization of their bodies with acid and the serial genocide in Odi, Gbaramatu etc. we therefore with other affiliate organizations and militants groups in the Niger Delta  want to prove to the Nigerian Government and the World in General that we are not cowards  and the Present  Operation Crocodile tears 11 going on in the Niger Delta Creeks would not stop or deter us   as we are going to move the battle from Analogue to digital such that the Military and government would not only feel the heat but confuse where the heat is coming from’’.

 The group warned that they would not only paralyze the exploration of oil but take the total mission of operation zero oil in the Niger Delta to a conclusive level except the implementation of the 16 points  PANDEF agenda led by Chief E.K Clark starts immediately




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