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NDDC N14m, $100,000 alleged gift tears IYC as President vows to sue legal adviser over embezzlement allegation

IYC National President, Mr. Peter Timothy Igbifa
* I have not deviated from my promise of running a transparent administration
By Kelvin Ohoror, Asaba, Amgbare Ekaunkumo, Yenagoa & Steve Seigha, Warri
The newly elected Ijaw youths national council is at war again and threatening themselves to go to court over alleged Niger Delta Development (NDDC) financial gifts of N14 million and USD 100,000 to the Ijaw youths apex body.
The IYC national legal adviser,Barr. Ebilade Obiri has raised the dust that the national President Peter Igbifa is high handed and thereby, trying to run the national IYC single handedly. He accused the national President Igbifa of allegedly embezzling financial gift from NDDC of N14million and another USD 100,000 diverted to his private coffer.
Obiri claimed that the IYC National President peter Igbifa had marked him as opponent over questions he asked about the sharing formula or whereabout of the NDDC largesse. According to him, IYC national president had wanted to undermine his office by making it redundant with the immediate appointment of a private national IYC legal adviser which he vowed he will protect zealously with all powers to defend the mandate given to him during the election at Operoza by Ijaw youths.
Reacting to the allegations, the new national President of Ijaw Youths Council Comrade Timothy Igbafa has called on the Ijaw ethnic nationality to debunked the allegation levied against him by online investigator newspaper that he collected N14 million naira and another 100, 000 USD from the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) on behalf of the Council and squandered it.
According to him, “I would have glossed over the matter because of the obvious falsehood contained in the report but the fact that such allegation came from the Legal Adviser of IYC, Mr. Obiri Ebilade, who is a member of my council and whose opinion could be taken seriously by uninformed members of the public, made it expedient for me to take issues with him”.
Comrade Igbafa also pointed out that, Prior to his election and after his overwhelming victory at the poll, I promised to run a transparent and all-inclusive administration with clear emphasis to sustain the struggles that laid the foundation to our noble IYC.
He further stated that, I want to assure the Ijaw nation that I have not deviated from that promise, noting that he is shocked at the level of desperation by some persons led by Comrade Obiri Ebilade to tarnish his image and bring the highly respected office of the council’s President to public ridicule.
“The inconsistency in the allegation has exposed Comrade Obiri Ebilade as a hired and paid agent, who is on a failed sinister mission to hang on just anything to bring down my person and my office.”
He further opined that, “In one breadth,  Comrade Ebilade claimed that the said money was meant for the conduct of the Oporoza Convention, but in another breadth he said I collected the money after the convention and squandered it”, he stated.
The Ijaw Youths Council President   noted that, he beleive that Comrade Ebilade is a lawyer and knows the implications of making wild unfounded allegations. “I challenge him to go a step further to prove his allegation. The onus rests on the accuser to adduce required ingredients of proof to incontrovertiblly justify his position”.
The IYC President also added that, I have searched my memory in vain to remember when the said incident happened and when I collected such money from the NDDC on behalf of the council, saying that he call on Comrade Ebilade to remind him the date of the event he spoke about and give details of how it happened.
He therefore urged Ebilade and the Investigator Newspaper  to withdraw their allegation and apologise to him and the IYC within seven working days, stating that, “I have informed my newly appointed Legal Adviser, Barr. Igbeta Ayebakuro and my lawyers to activate a legal process that will bring Ebilade and the newspaper to court to prove their allegations, in case they fail to publish the retractions and apologies”.
He therefore urged the  Ijaw youths  to disregard the needless distractions from Ebilade and his paymasters, noting that the IYC under his administration is in safe hands and no amount of blackmail will deter them from implementing all their programmes and policies designed to reposition the council.
See IYC legal adviser Barr. Ebilade Obiri’s press release published in his official Facebook page yesterday:

Because the IYC President tried to disregard the IYC Constitution by announcing the removal of the Electoral Committee Chairman of IYC Abuja Chapter and I stood my ground as IYC Legal Adviser who took oath to protect the IYC Constitution that it is not within his powers to do so but the Chairman of IYC Abuja Chapter, he is trying to undermine my office by appointing a New Legal Adviser of Council which again clearly not within his powers, as I was duly elected by 58 delegates of Ijaw Youths at Oporoza Convention.

This same President has always said he doesn’t believe in the IYC Constitution but Code of Conduct to be set up by him and I have always told him that, that will never happen under my watch as Legal Adviser to Council.

Well, if the President thinks this is to cow me to succumb to his brewing dictatorship, then he has just met his brick wall.

I just dare him to publish this and within the next 24hrs. I will also appoint a new President of Ijaw Youth Council. Since he has mental problems, let us be mad together.




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