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NDDC grand looting: Akpabio panics as Senate  probes alleged  N40 billion fraud

Senator Godswill Akpabio in the face of alleged massive looting in NDDC

By Ahmed Ahmadu, Abuja & Esther Eugene, Warri

*Minister mobilizes billions to drop ‘tithes’ and ‘offerings’ for payments to Senate committee for safe landing.

The Minister for the Niger Delta Godswill Akpabio seemed to be in  the news again and as usual for the negative part following the recent senate resolution fooling a matter of urgent National needs to investigate the none stop looting of the NDDC under Akpabio.


Daily watch recently exposed the different pattern with which several billions of Naira was frantically looted from the NDDC with impunity under the watch of Akpabio who rather than got quarreled and investigated by the Buhari’s administration got a part on the back after settling amicably with members of the Cabal in the Villa by dropping some part of the tithe he cornered from the NDDC as compensation to the cabal to starve off all manner of investigations to the shock of millions of Nigerians who are said to be following the whole Akpabio’s looting misdemeanor under an administration that professed to be fighting corruption.

The refusal of the EFCC and other anti corruption bodies to continue their probe of the Akpabio’s looting spree in the NDDC despite overwhelming evidences on the directive of the Cabal seemed to have pushed the Senate into setting of an ad-hoc committee to help in unraveling how Akpabio blew several Billions from the NDDC coffers within months for spurious, inflated and in some cases abstract contracts given to companies said to be having affiliation to the Minister himself.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the senate probe of the NDDC and the IMC set up to monitor the NDDC financial purse seemed to be creating serious panic in the cap of the Minister and the Cabal that has collected several billions to bury the whole looting spree.

Already, Daily watch sources in the Niger Delta Ministry confirmed that the heat has again erupted in the camp of the Minister as there are secret plots to look for special ways and measures to entice and compromise the members of the Senate Committee to the tune of some billons to see that the massive looting that has taken over the NDDC is not exposed.

While Daily Watch for now has not been able to confirm if Akpabio’s emissaries to the Chairman of the ad-hoc Committee have seen and reached the Chairman successfully as was the case with the Presidential Cabal which collected billions In form of tithes and offering and let Akpabio off the hook by calling off diverse probes and investigation off the back of the Minister.

Daily Watch sources close to Akpabio confirmed that the Minister is not just in panic but has earmarked some form of tithe running into over five billion Naira to compromise the Senate ad-hoc committee to help ease the investigations and probe of the Multi Billion looting within months of Akpabio’s takeover of the NDDC .

Awhile Daily Watch for now cannot categorically confirm if Akpabio’s proposed ‘tithe’ and ‘offering’ deal has reached the target audience which is the Senate ad-hoc committee it can be confirmed that the Minster has already reached out to several influential Senators that would have the ears of the Committee members to table his ‘tithe’ and ‘offering’ proposal which if successful would also see to the freedom of the Minister from the barrage of looting with impunity that he brazenly staged in the NDDC with several top officers of the Commission within months of taking over the Ministry.

Daily Watch made frantic efforts to reach out to the Chairman of the Ad-ho Senate Committee probe the Akpabio’s grand looting of the NDDC to ascertain the truth of several emissaries led by some ranking and highly respected senators to the ad-hoc committee to ease out the probe and grant Akpabio soft landing even before the commencement of the committee’s sitting but was not successful just as calls placed to Akpabio himself speak on his reported plot to compromise the Senate Committee through some members of the senate didn’t sail through as at press time.


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