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My parents’ poverty responsible for my late school life, 65-yr old secondary school student laments

Mr Seribo Adelabu, 65 years old student in class with his school mates

He begs for financial support from good spirited persons


By Chancel Bomadi Sunday

Mr Seribo Adelabu, 65 years old student in Izon college, Bomadi-Overside in Bomadi local government area of Delta state, has disclosed why he attended school at an advanced age.

Adelabu disclosed this at the instance of making a passionate appeal to the public to help him clear his financial obligations in the school as he prepares for his Senior School Certificate Examinations (SSCE).

He disclosed that his late entry to the four walls of an educational institution was as a result of poor and complicated parental upbringing.

He said, “my life story is very complicated. I loved education from my youth but because my parents were so poor that they struggled in the forest all through their lives.

My father, Seribo, was a hunter/palm-wine tapper who hailed from Torugbene in Burutu local government area of Delta state. My mother, Mrs Mary Seribo hailed from Ogboingbene also in Burutu council area, who died when I was very young.

Mr Seribo Adelabu, 65 years old student on the streets carrying out menial jobs to survive in Bomadi overside.

I attended primary school when my father’s half-brother, Barr Oyaoru Seribo took me to Ekeremor in Bayelsa state. He was transferred to Ojobo in Burutu local government area of Delta state as a lawyer, where I continued my primary school.

But, I could not bear the flogging from my uncle and I sneaked into a market canoe of my stepmother, Mrs Brasingbegha Seribo, who my father married after my mother’s death. She came out of my father’s palm-bush to buy food stuff at Ojobo market.

“So, I left school at primary five and continued with my father from one palm-wine bush to another, from one community to another tapping palm-wine.

“My father later died and I continued to wander in the forest tapping palm-wine; I became a man of the forest.

“When I left palm-wine tapping, I began a new job in a madiga bakery. I worked as a miller in various bakeries until my hand was hooked in the milling machine.

“After that incident I came to Bomadi-Overside, where I carried out menial jobs for survival. It was during this process that I saw this school, Izon College, and a thought came to me that I should continue my education there.

“After I sat for my First School Leaving Certificate Examination, I got admitted into Izon College and continued till this moment”.

Adelabu, a father of four, however appealed to the public to render financial assistance to him to enable him complete his secondary education.

“After my graduation from here, I intend proceeding to a teacher training college because I want to teach pupils; I want to tell children the essence of education in their tender ages”, he said.

Editor’s Note.( He could be reached through this media organization for any assistance from the public)




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