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My brother is surrounded by bad people spoiling his good intention- Mallam Adna Nahabu Daura

Muhammadu Buhari


*They all must be flushed out for Nigeria to see dividend of Democracy.

*They are Taking My Brother’s simplicity for granted and personal gains.

A glimpse of the rot that the Country is facing in the hands of the President and his administration was exposed days ago by no other person than the Cousin of the President Mallam Adnan Nahabu Duara who days ago labeled the President is been surrounded by people who are concerned more with their own personal agenda as against that of the Country

According to the President Cousin, the President is a very good man and has a very unique and good man but for the several evil people who are taking the President simplicity for granted hence the not too great achievements so far by the President.

The President’s Cousin, Nahabu Duara who lambasted some of those in the administration of his Cousin Mohmmadu Buhari as selfish thereby casting the President in bad light by their devilish and selfish agenda of self which has created very negative views among Nigerians about the Buhari’s administration through the corruption and evil acts.

In the words of Nahabu “My Cousin Buhari love Nigeria greatly and has great plans for the development and advancement of the Nigerian Nation as he is totally plain, corrupt free and a man with the County at heart but the problem with the administration is that in the administration, there are several bad eggs and selfish persons who are taking the President simplicity for granted and by so spoiling the name of the administration by their selfish acts and agenda, these group of people must be flushed out totally for this administration to make very significant effect on Nigerians”.

Nahabu also debunk the tales of a cloned Buhari sitting in Aso Rock as he described such tales from the likes of Nnamdi Kalu and his fellow travelers of shame like Fani Kayode and Ex-governor of Ekiti state Ayo Fayose as mere childish stories that can and would not hold water even to a fool.

According to Nahabu “Tales about a cloned Buhari is simply childish and stupid from the mouth of Nnamdi Kanu and is group like Fani Kayode and Ayo Fayose who thrives in absurd rumour and childish discuss when Nigerians are supposed to be discussing very important issues’’.

Nahabu described the 2019 elections as an easy win for Mohammadu Buhari since many Nigerians are still supporting him for his integrity, uprightness and discipline he has brought into the affairs of the country and would want him back to perfect all he has in mind for the Country.

In his words, ”the 2019 elections would see my Cousin Mohammadu Buhari picking the throne once again as his integrity and forthrightness would definitely see him through as most Nigerians still believe in him, his integrity and his uprightness which he is trying to impact on the nation”.




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