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Muted tension in APC, Villa over more powers for cabal

Aso Rock cabal

*As Buhari has totally left power for the Cabal

By Isa Yusuf, Abuja

A docile tension is not only reigning in the seat of power but also in the APC over the powers of the Cabal in the Presidency as several APC leaders are said to be totally  angry over the unilateral powers of the Cabal which in the eyes of several APC leaders is even far reaching  and above the powers of the President himself.

Daily watch Findings confirmed that most APC leaders are said to be angry over the decision of the President in this 2nd term again to allow the Cabal to take over almost all decisions that concerns  governance as it was in the first administration where even the cabal was able to upturn and at times over ride the decisions or directives of the President,

Daily Watch findings confirmed that several days back some kind of Protest took place in Abuja against the position of one of the foremost member of the Cabal Abba Kyari by several APC stakeholders asking the President to drop the powerful Chief of Staff who secretly serves as not just the secretary of the Cabal but their eyes in the governance of the Country.

Daily Watch Findings confirmed that the Protest which was also countered by another protest sponsored by the cabal and  in Support of the Chief of Staff is simply underscoring the serious power play an confusion now prevailing in the APC and the Presidency as the President elected for a and term seemed not even to be in power as the Cabal has totally usurped all the Powers of President Buhari with the President just sitting as a lame duck under a Presidential system with Mamman Duara (head of the Cabal ) and his unelected associates ruling over the country.

Daily watch Sources in the Presidency confirmed hat presently Aisha Buhari and several others in the Villa and some APC leaders are said to be serious angry over the now absolute powers of the Cabal who are already said to be exerting their powers even in the picking of Ministers for the administration and are suspiciously collecting Millions as bribes  from would be ministerial nominees  before giving heed to anyone that would become minister with several far reaching agreements  also signed  with them.

Daily Watch findings has it that most APC leaders are said to be totally angry and sad with affairs in the seat of powers but are unwilling to openly speak out for fear of the Cabal coming for them thereby creating a state of muted  silence and tension in the APC and the Presidency that has now been totally not only been pocketed by the Cabal but firmly taking decisions in almost every affairs in this administration.







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