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Mohammed Dauda moves to court as NIA N44Million saga gets messier



       *Set to expose new DG credentials, Nationality and those who asked for money sharing in the Presidency.

   * Rufai Abubakar panics, sends NIA officers on chase


ABUJA-The ex-Director General of the NIA Mohammed Dauda is on the way to the Court to upturn his reported sacking and harassment by the New DG of the NIA.

Daily Watch investigations in Abuja Confirmed that the  ex DG Mohammed Duada who is under hiding following series of attempts on his life for reportedly exposing the plot then by the Chief of Staff to the President Abba Kyari, Babagana Kingibi and the Present Dg to force him to share the reported 44 million dollars in the NIA account .

The refusal of the Ex Dg to share the Money among the cabal and others was said to have necessitate his removal from the top NIA position and redeployment to Chad after series of exposure to the fact that he is a spy in Chad prompting threats to his life that made him go into hiding with some saying he has gone on exile.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Former DG is set to launch his legal battle to not only upturned his sack which was carried out by the Chief of staff to the President in cohorts with the Present DG as pay back over his not only reported refusal to share the 44 million dollars in the NIA account but for daring to expose them to the House of Representative that probed the NIA.

Sources close to the embattled ex DG confirmed that he is in possession of very sensitive documents that would expose deals and other details of how he was pressured to share the 44 million for which his refusal resulted in the sack.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Dg is been hunted by a suspect killer squared which origin is shrouded in secrecy and also by officers of the NIA who had been stationed in his mashion for several weeks running waiting for him to show and be picked.

Daily Watch  spoke to a close source of the EX Dg who confirmed that the EX DG is serious in a fear for his life and has  gone into hiding for his own safety but has vowed to not only seek redress in court but expose with evidences those who staged his sack over his refusal to share Nigeria 44 million dollars.

Attempts to speak to the present DG of the NIA who was a member of the  Kingibi committee that was set up to force the sack of Daudu Mohammed was not possible as at the time of going to press but senior officers of the NIA spoken to are of the views that any legal tussle would certainly be a big blow to the NIA which is supposed to be a secret service body.



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