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Missing Hilux Van: Delta community demands arrest/ prosecution of culprits

Delta state Commissioner of Police Mr. Ari Ali Muhammed
  • By Kelvin Ohoror
  • Concerned Irri community Indigenes led by Mr. Orahemo Adigheji has called for the arrest and prosecution of some Irri indigenes (names withheld) and the vigilante group chairman Mr. Emamuzou Okpeni for allegedly exchange the Community Hilux Van donated by Hon. Leo Ogor  to Toyota Sienna Car.
    The concerned indigenes has called on the Nigeria Police Delta State command  to arrest the culprits and bring them to book.
    He made this known in a chat with our correspondent.
    Mr. Orahemo stated that they exchange the vigilante Hilux Van and brought Toyota Sienna car so that they will use it for public transport, noting that they have also converted all the vigilantes motorcycles for transportation.
    He also alleged that a former vigilante chairman (name withheld) sold all the tire of the Hilux Van and also empty the engine before the new vigilante chairman and others finally sold the Hilux Van and brought Toyota Sienna to the community.
    Meanwhile investigation revealed that, the former chairman of the community Chief Godday Igorigo who is in custody of the Hilux Van documents was alleged to be involved in the sale and exchange of the Hilux Van to Sienna.
    It was also gathered that, the community president Mr. Lucky Obuwaye arrested the vigilante chairman and others who conspired for the Hilux Van to be sold and exchange it with the Sienna.
    He later allowed them to be granted bail and brought the issue back to the community for settlement.
    Investigation further revealed that when the meeting of the exchange of the vehicle was held, majority of the Irri community stakeholders rejected the idea to sell and exchange the Hilux Van to Sienna until the vigilante chairman and others went ahead.
    It was also alleged that the Hilux Van was towed in the night to Rumukokro, Port-harcourt from Irri community for sale and exchanged.
    Reacting to the incident to our correspondent the former caretaker chairman of Irri community Chief Godday Igorigo denied any involvement in the deal for the sale and exchange of the Hilux Van.
     According to him, the Hilux Van was donated by Hon. Leo Ogor during his time as the caretaker chairman of the community, noting that Irri community was the first to received Hilux Van from the lawmaker before any other community.
    He added that he is not part of the deal of the exchange of the Hilux Van to Toyota Sienna, saying that “I am not aware or part of the exchange, I only went to the police station to give statement been the person that presented the Hilux Van to the community”.
    He therefore warned that, anywhere they took the Hilux Van to they should return it to the community or he will petition those involved to the state police headquarter, Asaba.
    When contacted the community vigilante chairman confirmed the incident to be truth and promised to give further details to our correspondent,  but refused to give any further information concerning the incident.
    Also the President General of the community Mr. Lucky Obuwaye was contacted severally to speak on the incident which he promised on several occasions to do so, but vehemently refused to speak with our correspondent.
    It was rumoured that Irri community during a meeting held recently they resolved and accept the Sienna in other for peace to reign in the community.




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