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Miscreants collecting money from NDDC rogues in the name of ex-militants threatening journalists be prepared for their doom – Gen. Maxwell Udoh

File photo: Militant

By Steve Seigha, Uyo

“These days several miscreants, thieves, vagabonds, hooligans and political traders  who  go about using the noble name of the Niger Delta ex –Militants to collect Millions from God swill Akpabio and Pondi to threaten others with death if they don’t stop their call for probity in the NDDC would soon meet their doom and waterloo if they don’t desist from their shameful act s as the genuine and real ex –Militants in the Niger Delta would soon go hunting for them and mercilessly deal with them for not only using what they never are to threaten legitimate call for probity  but shamelessly defending looters and rogues from the Niger Delta”

It is with this words of caution that the ever blunt and vocal Ex-militant Maxwell Udoh expressed his humble view on the none stop involvement of certain persons in the Niger Delta using the  name  Ex-Militant as a means to collect Millions from corrupt persons in Abuja, NDDC  and the Niger Delta Ministry in  particular  to threaten patriotic Nigerians, national assembly members, Press men and other s over the  unceasing call for probe of the NDDC and the bunch of looters  that has turned the commission into their farm yard ,Agricultural estate and money making business even to the detriment of the ever suffering people of the Niger Delta.

Udoh who was unrepentantly angry gave out harsh words for some idle youths in the Niger Delta who for lack of work to do have chosen to be used as tools and voice for extreme rogues and looters for peanuts  instead of directing their anger  against the same rogues they are defending for shortchanging the Niger Delta.

In the poignant words of the  of General Udoh “Am shocked, sad, disappointed and in extreme rage to see several hungry and suffering Youths in the Oil Rich Niger Delta foolishly collecting peanuts to defend evil and evil doers who are in the forefront of shot changing them of their development, gains and employment by using the trade mark  status of Ex Militants. They should know and seriously too that  Ex-Militants are not sell out or cheap fools that would foolishly and  sheepishly pitch their tents with cheap rogues and thieves but made up of men and people from the Niger Delta desirous of getting development, Employment and the dues of the Niger Delta Oil back to the Niger Delta rather than becoming mouth piece of Looters and evil men in the corridors of Power in far away Abuja who are ready to kill to further their dastard aim of aggrandizement rather than development and selfless service to the Niger Delta”

He lampooned Godswill Akpabio, Pondi and other Niger Deltans in the Ministry of Niger Delta and the NDDC of real disgrace and those truly killing the Niger Delta by not just looting monies that should have been used for the advancement and development of the Niger Delta but sponsoring Miscreants, hoodlums with the tag of Ex militants to harass, threaten, attack and even vow to kill any and all that criticizes or point out their evil agenda of  which looting is one.

According to him “ Men like Pondi and Akpabio should hide the head in shame if all they have to offer is running from pillar to post looking for people ,miscreants and hoodlums to pay  and labeling themselves as ex-Militants to threaten those exposing them and calling for their investigations, If they are truly clean and innocent as they Akpabio, Ojugoh  and Pondi are claiming what then id the need to call on Niger Delta hungry miscreants and hanging the name of Militants to them to threaten people? Why not be silent for the probe to run through and their innocence proven? Why send crooked Policemen, killers etc after Journalist, protesters and also using thieves and suffering Youths and labeling them Ex Militants to defend them? Why now blackmailing National Assembly members as if they just knew the National Assembly members pad budget? All these shenanigans  and acts of the Akpabio’s , Ojugho and Pondi points to the simple facts and truth that they are not innocent but trying to scuttled their probe for  financial misconducts  and trial for grand looting”.

Maxwell Udoh criticizes President Buhari who claims to be Mr. Clean for wasting time in sending the thieves in the NDDC packing fast and put them on trial with immediate effects as even every child understands their many games and uproar over the call for their probe as schemes to stop the o called probe after draining the NDDC dry.

In his words “I blame President Mohammadu Buhari who has become a weakling by virtue of his ill health and near incapacitation, if not men like the trio of Akpabio, Pondi and Ojugho should  by now be facing trial by now since fro all indication they are the mastermind of all protest, coded raid  on journalist, use of hired ex- militants  and planted writes up and many other s to scare people and National Assembly from speaking or probing their heist in the NDDC which is legendary in the small history of the NDDC”

Maxwell warned and fervently too that soon and very soon several of those hoodlums and hungry youths using the  tag of Niger Delta Ex Militants to lie and threaten innocent persons and patriots against the looting in the NDDC would be rightly dealt with and serious exposed for who they truly are since no genuine Ex-Militants would dare support the greed and evil that Akpabio, Pondi and their gangs of ‘lootist’ have turned the NDDC into.

According to General Maxwell Udoh “Soon and very soon theses self confessed Miscreant bandying the names of Ex –Militants in the trade with Akpabio and his kind to harass, threatened and attack patriots and the good people of the Country fighting to put rogues and thieves on their feet for daring to loot the NDDC dry would soon meet their own doom as all genuine Ex –militants and zealous Niger Delta youths would soon come after them and expose them for who tey truly are-hungry and greedy miscreants and hoodlums rather than Ex-militants because no sane and genuine agitator and ex-Militant would be stupid to be supporting the deeds and roguish acts of Akpabio and his ilk in their looting heist in the NDDC”.




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