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Ministers fate in the balance as Lobbyists flood Aso Villa


ABUJA- The seat of power in Abuja is presently a bee-hive of activities, activities not geared towards the development of the country or towards the complete implementation of the 2017 budget but one basically by ministers and those wishing to become ministers lobbying over their faith.

The lobby train which comprises notable and renowned traditional rulers, state Governors, APC major stalwarts and retired military officers are geared towards retaining or repositioning their stooge in lucrative portfolios following feelers that the President is set to carry out a serious cabinet shakeup in the days ahead.


While ministers are positioning their governors and traditional rulers to put up words for them in the Villa other would be ministers are deep using Lobbyists and money to propel APC stalwarts and influential Nigerians to put in words for them with an agreement to pay back via lucrative contracts, if they make up the ministerial list.

Already tension is said to be heightened  in the Villa as traffic to the seat of power seem over twenty times what it used to be and with the President sets to dissolve and gets a new team before his eventual departure for continuation of his medical treatment in the days  ahead




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