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Million Naira question: Is there a secret plot to kill Ex-CBN Deputy, Obadiah Mallaifia over expose on Kaduna killings?

Dr. Mailafia Obadiah

By Lucky Ojigbo, Abuja

*As DSS invites him again for a third time yet refused invitation to Gov that claimed to know and paid Killers in same Southern Kaduna.

This seemed to be the Multi Dimensional question several Nigerians are now asking following the serial invitation of the  ex CBN top shot by DSS over his expose on the Killings that has turned Southern Kaduna into a killing field in the hands of marauding Fulani killers

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the outspoken Mallaifa has been invited by the DSS again for the third time running; few Weeks after the Court of Law stopped the Nigerian police from harassing, inviting or arresting the Ex CBN Deputy governor over the same Southern Kaduna issue.

Daily watch finding confirmed that the Federal government and he Kaduna State government are highly uncomfortable with the allegations of high grade complicity in the killings going on none stop in Southern Kaduna and Nigeria generally and are plotting seriously to take the ex CBN Deputy governor for trial on several dubious charges been prepared in the seat of Power in Kaduna .

What is giving several Nigerians the shocking confusion is how Mallaifia could be invited serially for questioning while several  top headers and their leaders who have threatened brimstone against Nigerians with some even vowing to kill like the Miyyiti Allah’s leaders are allowed to roam the streets freely and even a sitting Governor who openly confessed not just knowing the killers in Southern Kaduna but paying them Millions  of Naira from the Kaduna state coffer to plead with them in form of compensation to stop their killing spree not yet invited by the DSS.

Daily watch Sources Confirmed that the multi dimensional harassment of the Ex Deputy Governor of the CBN and a onetime Presidential aspirant is not new but a determined effort to short down all opposition or voice against the genocide going on in Southern Kaduna by the Fulani Minority against the original settlers and owners of Southern Kaduna.

Daily Watch  spoke to some persons close to Mallaifia who confirmed that the DSS not only has invited him again for the third time but that he is suspecting some secret and clandestine plot to secret poison and kill him for daring to expose what he feels is the facts about the killings in Southern Kaduna that seemed unstoppable despite the presence of several Military personal so called and the same DSS on ground in the highly terrible killing field of Southern Kaduna where the Governor some years ago openly boasted of knowing those carrying out the Killings in Kaduna and spending several Millions of Kaduna state fund to pay them off so as to stop the killings which till date has not stop and that same Governor Mallam El-Rufai of Kaduna state has remained uninvited by the same DSS thereby creating the impression of a plot to silence those who are speaking against the killings in Southern Kaduna while supporting and ignoring those in support of the Killings and even confessed to knowing and paying some sets of killers money to stop same.

Daily Watch sources though unconfirmed has it that Mallaifa who has lost his job with the Federal Government due to the same expose he granted a Radio station may soon lose his life in very strange circumstance as friends and families are claiming in hush hush tone following what they termed as several secrets persons watching and visiting hi domain ever since his reported Radio interview and serial invitation by men of the DSS and the Nigerian Police both force headed by Fulanis who are  suspected to be of same tribe with the headers who has made Kaduna South a grave yards for hundreds and thousands of Christians in the Southern Part of Kaduna.

Would the suspected plot to kill the audacious ex Deputy governor of the CBN actually come to pass or would it be just another fake news or rumor?. The days, weeks, months and even years ahead would prove but certainly the man in the thick of the storm Mallaifia himself had spoken days ago and he was categorical that his life is highly at stake for daring to say what he knows and believed via a recent radio interview.

Daily Watch efforts to get through to th spokes person of the DSS on why the DSS is inviting the same man the third time for the same interview while those who openly claimed to have known and paid money to killers in Southern Kaduna are not harassed or arrested was not answered by the DSS despite having received the texy messages.





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