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Military survivors confirmed most attacks are led by de-radicalized Boko Haram fighters in the North East

FILE PHOTO: Boko Haram fighters

  *Confirmed death toll exceeded 200, exposes more about the fight against the Sect

While Nigerian are presently coming to terms with the fact that the so called defeated Boko Haram story is all mere propaganda and fake, recent exposes by some survivors of the now named Metele Massacre have  totally recounted indicting tales of the mass killing that occurred in Metele.

The two Survivors who are serious angered by the lies of the Military about the incident and the death of their colleague which the Military put at 43 as against the over 200   killed by the Boko Haram boys when they hit Metele late November.

The Survivors who described the story of only 43 deaths as mere high class deceit from the pit of hell confirmed that over 200 of Serving Military Officers died due to no fault of theirs but the fault f their leaders in Abuja.

According to the Survivors, the enlistment of the so called de radicalized Boko Haram fighters into the army has contributed serious to  not just the surge in the Boko Haram exploit but has resulted in the passing of serious Military secrets and information to the Boko Haram by many of the so called de-radicalized Boko Haram Boys who are still working for the Sect.

The Survivors confirmed that the success of the Metele attack was as a result of the de radicalized Boko Haram Boys who also part took in the attack after leaking out strategic information about the Battalion, officers on guard preparation ad all to the sect days before the attack was launched.

They also confirmed that apart from lack of hard wares to fight the sect as against the many lies of the Military having standard equipment was the indebtedness to the Officers on field Duty for over six months before the Metele attack thereby creating high leave of poor moral on the part of the Military with many officers then even refusing to go on patrol and surveillances several weeks before the Boko Haram attacked the battalion.

The Survivors called for an independent enquiry into the fighting in the North East which according to them would unearth very earth shaking exposure of the rot ad business that the fight in the North East has turned into with several top military officers making millions from the blood of the soldiers who are everyday been killed like foul by the Boko Haram and yet not reported by the Military who are always feeding the nations with lies of repealed attacks.

They also asked Nigerians to ask from the Military the were about of over twenty Military Vehicles  lost while escorting IDPs to the North East several Months  with Operation Last hold printed on them which the Boko Haram Boys  used in their attack at Metele

The Survivors who refused the mentioning of their names for fear of the Military asked for independent assessment and investigations into the whole North East   Military actions which has virtually become a honey pot for most top Military officers who do not want the Boko Haram battle to end even  to the extent of sacrificing  young Military officers in their greed for moony which the whole North East Military engagement has now turned into.

It would be recalled those Daily Watch days after the Metele attack also exposed the facts then that the De radicalized boys enlisted into the Nigerian army played a major role in the massacre in Metele and other attacks on several formations in the North East that led to the Death of several Military boys.

Daily Watch stringent attempts to speak with the new Military spokesperson  Sani Usman who took over from Texas Chukwu was not possible as at press time




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