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Military should leave our land, so we defend our territory against Fulanis and their accomplices, Berom youths tell FG


*Laments military conspiracy with Herdsmen

Like a child that has come to know his real enemy, the People of Berom
Ethnic group has come out to cry to the Federal Government of Nigeria
to withdraw the Nigeria Military from their land as they are safer
without the Nigeria Military.


This is coming after several stories, confession and accusations by
the people of Berom and the North Central over the connivances between
men of the Nigeria Military and the  Fulani herdsmen who they seem as
partners in the killing field that the North central has become over
the years.

According to the People they were better off in the past when the
Military Task Force was not in charge of Security as they were able to
most time repeal and confront their attackers who normally lost their
lives as well but since the coming of the Nigeria Military represented
by the Task Forces the killing has not only increased but the Fulanis
now find in much more easier to hit them with the assistance of
Military who in almost all their attack are either led by the Nigerian
Military or given information to aid the Fulani herdsmen in their

The Berom Youth leaders under the Umbrella body of Berom Youth
federations are claiming that they are far safer without the Nigerian
Military who they see as working with the herdsmen as informants and
in some cases assisting them in their dastardly acts.

In the Words of the President Typopev Hams ‘’the increase in the
Killings in the North Central is even much more  now compared to when
the military was not around  as the Berom Youths, vigilantes etc are
always defending and most time driving the Fulanis away with
casualties on the side of the herdsmen but the coming of the Task
Force seem to have made the Fulani’s much more powerful and in a far
better position to attack and kill us since the Military normally
create a situation of security for us only to disappear the same hour
the Fulani’s are attacking and re appear just after their attack,
creating the impression that they are working hand in hand with the
Fulanis herdsman to wipe us from the North Central. it will be Better
the Military leaves so we can protect and face the Fulanis as that way
we would be able to cage the Fulanis who together with the Military
are bent on annihilating us’’.

Also speaking in similar Vain, another Berom Group the Berom Youths
Molders Association has asked the Federal Government also to send the
Task Force packing as their presence is more inimical to the People,
according to the president  of(BYMA) Choji Chioang  while speaking to
Daily Watch said that  “we call for the immediate removal of the
Military that has demonstrated  total complicity and has obviously
shown very high level of compromise in the public responsibility in
guaranteeing protection, promotion ,and enjoyment of public peace in
the north central and we also call on  the government  set up a very
high powered inquest into the past and recent killings and the
suspected involvement of the Nigeria Military in all’’

The people in all areas visited and spoken to in the Plateau and
Kaduna axis are unanimous in their wish and call for the sending of
the Military out for the same reason of assisting and aiding the
Herdsmen to kill, main and loot as they would be better protecting

Speaking with Captain Umar Adams  the head of the Special Task Force
in the Area popularly called operation Safe Haven   on the accusations
and stories of the military connivance with the herdsmen to kill the
people, the Captain refutes all the allegations and all contrary
insinuations as according to him ‘’the military can’t be involved in
such’’ and when reminded by Daily Watch of the increase in attacks and
killings with the Military presence than before the Military coming
and in some cases the Fulanis been seen in the midst of military men
wearing military Uniform.

He also  totally denied the story according to him ‘’ that Military
Uniforms is worn by someone doesn’t make that one a Military officer
as the uniform can be worn by anyone for evil intent but that itself
doesn’t make the person a military officer. As evil doers do at times
don military uniforms to aid their evil deeds’’.


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