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Military launches operation ‘rat race’ in Benue days after herdsmen leave



      *Who gives herdsmen hints to leave?

       *How come several hundred moved out in armed convoy few days to soldiers appearance?


BENUE-  The intrigues of Herdsmen genocidal massacre and land quest in Benue state seem to be becoming more of a comedy than the tragedy we all in Nigeria thought it was until the announcement days ago by the Nigerian Military of establishing an operation tagged, Rat Race in the Benue to halt the herdsmen.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that though the Military truly are now been mobilized fully to the killing field in the Benue state but this is coming just few days after reports confirmed that several thousands of armed herdsmen have been leaving the Benue  bush towards the Nassarawa axis in haste just for the Nigerian Military to few days later confirm their presence in the same locality.

According to Daily Watch investigations, the Fleeing herdsmen were said to be rushing out ogf the Benue in an attempt to beat a supposed deadline given to them by God knows who prompting many to ask the Federal government and the Nigerian Military why the wait until now before the deployment of the Military to the state,

Daily Watch investigations, confirmed that what is left in Benue are mere pockets of herdsmen while the real killers and jihadist have all left some two days before the Nigeria Military announced their launch of their so called Operation Cat Race.

Already, the state Governor who was said to be decked in full Military regalia during the Military launch was said to be in a happy mood after several weeks of sorrow and tears as a result of the bloodbath and refusal of the Federal Government to act when the killings were really on.

What many people of the state are presently asking the Government is why bringing the Military just days after the same killers have left the state and who gave the killer herdsmen the notice to leave in such large numbers just few days to the Military appearance In the state?

Attempts to get answers to these and many other question bordering on the late deployment of the Military after the deeds have been completed and with no one still under arrest in spite of the state government claim of knowing the killers was not possible as the Military team were still on postings when we went to press.




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