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Militants to Arewa youths: We‘ll Send Northerners from N/Delta too by Oct 1st if…



CALABAR – The New Bakkassi Strike force has come out with new threat days ago to also stage an onslaught against all oil companies and northerners in the Niger Delta states, if the October 1st deadline given to the Igbos is made effective by the Youths in the north.


The statement which was made by the leader of the New Bakassi strike Force, Commander Maxwell Udo in the Bakassi creeks,  said to be coming  at a time the Vice President is said to be vehement against the release of hate speeches in the Country.

The Bakassi Strike Force which comprises Militants and Youths that cuts across all states in the Niger Delta are said to be angry over the refusal of the Arewa Youths to up till date  withdraw  their threats to send all Easterners from the Northern Part of the country come October 1st,they were said to have been miffed with the audacity
of the Arewa youths and the silence of well over eighty percent of the known political figures in the North to chastised them but rather blaming  Nnamdi Kanu  of the IPOB as against the Youths that issued the threats.

According to the militant leader ‘‘We will show the Arewa Youths that issuing orders /threats and been placated after such orders when  is such is totally against National interest and the country  constitution is not a prerogative
of any group in Nigeria and the ability to execute such orders cannot likewise be the prerogative of any one Group of  youths in Nigeria’’

The leader of the Group Maxwell Udoh vowed to send all northerners and all oil companies from the space of the Niger Delta, if and immediately the so called Arewa Youths puts actions to their wicked threats which have been backed with songs and musics from miscreants and noise makers in the North.


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