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Militants Give 14 Days ultimatum to resume Hostility, if NNPC GMD fails to Apologize to Kachikwu


CALABAR-Just as several militants Groups in the Niger Delta are Shouting
themselves loud and clear over the deployment of troops to the Niger
Delta in What the Nigeria government and Military has Classified as
Operation Crocodile Tears in a peaceful Niger Delta in what the
Militants described as a provoking attempt that would elicit
commiserate response soon if the troops are not withdrawn.

Another militant group the Adaka Boro Avengers (ADA)  has also joined
the fray but this time asking the Group Managing Director of the
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation to not only render unreserved
Apology to the Minister For State for Petroleum over his
Insubordination and lopsided Employment into the NNPC but take urgent
steps to redress the lopsided employment within fourteen days failure
which the Group would have no option but launch a deadly  and
destructive attack on  oil facilities  in the oil rich Niger Delta
Starting with the   Bonny Nembe and Forcados Trunk line.


In his words ‘’We the  Adaka Boro  Avengers (ADA) group wishes to ask
the Group Managing Director of the NNPC to not only render unreserved
Apology to the Minister for State for Petroleum but take urgent step
within the fourteen days to  redress the issue of lopsided employment
that is totally against the indigenes and owners of the Oil which is
uncalled for, wicked, barbaric and an aberration, which even the Hausa
Fulanis would not  have accepted  if the oil wells were to be situated
in the North and Niger Delta indigenes made to take all the positions
and accumulated benefits there off. If after fourteen days these steps
are not taken then the Government and the NNPC leave us with little or
no option than  blowing up of all oil facilities in our land starting
with the  Bonny Nembe and Focados Trunk line before hitting at others
until the desired is done”’

While the NNPC and government have not responded to this new threat
Daily Watch can confirm that the military has launched a secret
manhunt already for members of the Adaka Boro Avengers (ABA)who issued
out the ultimatum  using the Operation Crocodile tears team with the
intent of getting them picked before the expiration of the Ultimatum
but how this would assuage the remnants of the Group and other
Militants even if they Succeeded in picking few members is left for
the Military and Federal Government to answer.



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