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Maximum Greed: Oshiomole multi-billion Naira Paradise built with Edo’s looted funds at Iyamu

Adams Oshiomhole and his multi billion naira estate and classic cars and private jet at Iyamu in Edo state.

*How financially Compromised  Magu led  EFCC  looked the other way in-spite of eight petitions against Oshiomhole.

 *  The beautiful Lies, ferry-tales  that Oshiomole Village Mansion was built 20 years ago when in Labour.

By Lucky Ojigbo & Cletus Opukeme (Editor)

Lies are sweet and travel almost as fast as sound that’s why  when men and so called leaders like  Adams Oshiomole lied and   because  the EFCC Chairman Ibraham Magu got compromised and refused to do the needful, their sheepish assumption is that those they are dishing out their profound and astounding  lies to are as dumb as they are as such would dutifully swallow all the lies hook, line and sinker even when all evidences, monumental at that, points clearly and lucidly to their fathom lies.


Funny enough, this seemed to be the portion of  APC National Chairman Adams Oshiomole and his media aides when they came on air churning out lies and deceit in an attempt to deceive and hoodwink  Nigerians about the Multi billion naira Texas like Mansion built by Oshiomole in his  village at Iyamu in Edo state days ago and the Monumental lootings and greedy acquisitions of the ex Edo Governor and embattled APC Suspended Chairman, Adams Oshiomole who in his blind tirade is always quick to label others as thieves and looters when he too but for the EFCC Compromising stand remains one of the greatest in the looting profession who in better clime would have been in Jail by now.

Adams Oshiomhole

Governor Oshiomole  who faulted claims that he  Oshiomole built a new Multi Billion Naira Texas like Mansion in his village did claim that the structure in question in Iyamu was built over twenty years ago, that is long before Adams Oshiomole became the executive Governor of Edo state  and described the whole Texas like Mansion story  as lies from the Camp of Obaseki ,one of Political opponents of the APC National Chairman who wants to tarnish the Chairman’s image as a result of blocking him from using their fake certificates to Contest for a second term under the APC

But Daily Watch  discreet investigations at Iyamu in Edo state days past shockingly has put a total and grand lie to the tales of Oshiomole and his Media aide about the so called structures in Iyamu which Oshiomole’s eight years Salary as Governor without any other expenditure cannot build as it has all the necessities to be classified as world class Palace In the Centre of the squalor that Iyamu is.

Adams Oshiomhole multi-billlion naira crescent in Edo state

Daily Watch detail investigations and pictures from Police Securities in the Palace at the disposal of Daily Watch confirmed that Adams Oshiomole truly had a twenty year old miniature structure which he built when he was a Labor leader and can be seen  by all passers-by through the Benin- Auchi Express Road but what the Oshiomole didn’t tell Nigerians  and which Magu led EFCC plays a blind eyes and mute ears to after directive by the Late Abba Kyari to whom several Millions was paid to as gift to stop all investigations on Oshiomole was that in the same Premises, exactly behind the old structure is a magnificent  Super structure that is truly a master piece and Texas like Mansion constructed with the best of materials brought in  from all over the world.

The Mansion which is not visible from the road unlike the old structure can only be seen and appreciated on getting into the very large and overstretched compound after  and almost behind the old Structure and truly houses all the paraphernalia of a modern Texas home as it has a very large Olympic sized Swimming pool, Indoor Cinema Hall, Amphitheater, a huge all for special occasion, Water Fountain, all types of world class equipment for exercises and a host of other special facilities as against the claims and lies of  Oshiomole media team .

The House which truly cannot be up to the ten billion mark placed on it  by the Oshiomole accusers but certainly is worth between seven to eight billions if the state of the art facilities and modern Italian crafted  furniture and equipment found there is to be truthfully estimated.

While Daily Watch cannot say for certain how Oshiomole came about the huge money involved for such mansion or support the accusation that it was built from proceeds of crime, it can be confirmed that a Texas like Mansion sits at the Oshiomole Village of Iyamu as against the denial and lies of Oshiomole Media tean.

Daily Watch Visit to Iyamu from Abuja few days ago also confirmed that the Oshiomole Mansion is guarded by over three Hilux loaded Vigilantes and a hood of Mobil Policemen who are fully armed and positioned in strategic locale around the vicinity to ward of all intruders excerpt one is wise enough to use the same Police officers to get whatever pictures and details one need to know about the Oshio-Baba multi billion naira Texas home by dropping some few Naira notes to open the gate and house  of ‘semsem’ which the blocked of the Oshiomle’s Mansion has become to Nigerians.

Daily Watch spoke to its ears in the EFCC who confirmed that the anti Graft agency  did truly received over eight petitions in all on Oshiomole and his looting game in Edo and investigated just two before the Gag tag was placed on all case files concerning Oshiomole by the EFCC top boss Ibrahim Magu who claimed of getting special directives from the Presidency prior to the APC Chairmanship elections and plots to ease out the ex APC Chairman Odigie Oyegu from office then and that the frozen orders on the files by Magu remains Sacrosanct hence no one hears of Oshiomole and his word class lootings, monumental House in Iyamu and Abuja even when the Chairman of the EFCC makes allusion to probing some ex Governors because he hs been compromised.

Daily Watch attempts to reach out to the embattled and suspended APC Chairman through his Oshiomole Media aide  on his  fatal lies and total denial of the Texas like Mansion in Iyamu, Oshiomole’s ancestral Village was not possible as at press time just as messages to the EFCC on why nothing is heard about Oshiomole’s grand looting in Edo and several petitions to the bargain was not responded to by the popular Ibrahim Magu led EFCC that is quick to respond when it concerns Yahoo-Yahoo boys or opposition Politicians like Odilli etc.







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