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Maxim X Squad storms embattled CJ Onnoghen’s farm in search of evidence

Ex Justice Walter Onnoghen

*Cart away several documents after harassing and traumatizing staff without Warrant.

Nigeria is indeed one country in the whole wide world where someone is arrested, humiliated, disgraced and shown to the world through the media as corrupt before going about investigations or looking for evidence to back the accusations.

This seemed to be the case of the suspended Chief Justice of Nigeria Onneghan who has been suspended by the Federal Government led by Mohammadu Buhari and giving all mannes of bad names only to be now searching for adequate evidence to nail the same man.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that in a desperate move to force the Suspended Chief Justice to bow o the Pressure been mounted on him to retire which he has consistently refused, the Federal Government crack and secret security  team Maxim X squad hit the farms of the Suspended Chief Justice of Nigerian without any warrant to search through the farms carting away  several documents and putting workers they met there through an harrowing experience.

The squad whose numbers were put at about twelve where at the Farm in Nassarawa state and refused to show any warrant except for the leader of the group who has with him an Identity card f the EFCC and forcing their way nto the farm to totally ransacked the place for over two hours looking for God knows what to use to implicate the suspended Chief Justice.

The Maxim X squad which was secretly set up under the tenure of the ex DSS boss Duara was said to be a specialized squad to be used for special dirty jobs of the Cabal and Buhari’s administration and peopled by trusted security officers picked from the DSS,NIA, EFCC and Nigerian Police and are placed on specialized allowances and  fiercely loyal to no one than the Ex DSS boss and the Cabal in the Villa.

Daily Watch Sources in the DSS confirmed that most of the secret raids in the Country are specifically done by this group which was said to be also involved in the raid of the home of the Ex boss of the Amnesty office Kuku’s mansion in Ondo state some time last year.

Attempt by Daily Watch to confirm from the Dss and EFCC if any of them were part of the raid without warrant on the farm of the suspended Chief Justice of Nigeria was nor possible as the phones of the DSS spokesperson Peter Afunnaya was not going through just as Tony Orilade spokesperson of the EFCC did not pick his calls.




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