Massive call for Buhari to boycott presidential debate among APC Chieftains begins

Muhammadu Buhari

*Over fear of President Intellectual deficiency creates anxiety in Party.

*Itsay Sagay, APC United Kingdom commences plot/scheme to stop president.

*As plots to scheme/call/protest for president absence from National debate will take firm root and life of its own in days ahead.

Several Weeks back Daily Watch Came out with an expose on a meet in Aso Rock Villa among the Cabal and some Chieftains of the APC on the need to stop Mohammadu Buhari from partaking in the Presidential Debate.

This expose which came about from our Sources in Aso Rock seemed to be on a roller coaster now as the call for Buhari boycott is now assuming a new dimension as plotted by the Cabal and the APC leaders in the last meet.

Already one of the Chieftains of the Party Professor Itsa Sagay has come out days ago to openly state and fly the kite that Mohammadu Buhari has all the rights to boycott the National debate and get represented by the Vice President.

Just Yesterday, the United Kingdom APC branch has also come out to openly call on the President to boycott the much publicized debate after that of the Vice Presidential candidates were done just yesterday the  14th of December 2018.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that in the coming days the call would assumed a National discuss with more APC members shouting to high heavens about the importance ogf the President not attending the debate and not breaching any part of Nigerian Constitution by such acts following which the President would finally claim to be acceding to their demands and eventually refused attending the debate.

It would be recalled that several weeks back Daily Watch exposed a clandestine meet in the Villa where the Cabal and some APC leaders moved for the stopping of the President Mohammadu Buhari from attending any National debates and stylishly avoid serious campaigns for two reasons which has to do with his health to which Doctors from the United Kingdom warned cannot withstand the rigors of any serious campaign’

It was also agreed that he absented from all forms of debate too as a result of his intellectual deficiency, that his serious inability to understand simple vocabulary and questions so as not to easily disgrace himself before the Nigerian populace who would easily discover his Educational short coming and almost near illiterate in the debate if he partakes.

Already, the calls would soon grow high as planned for him not to be part of the debate with several reasons and excuses by diverse APC Chieftains and groups finally to which the President would consent to and eventually opts out in the name of listening to his Party not to partake in any debates.

Attempts by Daily Watch to confirm from the numerous Media  team of the President on the planned boycott by the Presidency as exposed several days back by Daily Watch was totally rebuffed by them




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