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Mass grumbling, plan revolt imminent in Rivers APC


*Several Members reaches out to ADC,SDP over Rotimi Amaechi’s Overbearing dictatorship.

Tension, Grumbling and revolt seemed to be brewing in the Rivers State APC following the unilateral decision by the Leader of the Party in Rivers State Chief Rotimi Amaechi to pick Dele Cole seen as an outsider by the core APC members as the APC Governorship candidate in Rivers State.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that several close associates of the Leader of the APC in Rivers State are totally unhappy over the choice of Rotimi Amaechi for the APC governorship Ticket and are looking at other options to further their ambition.


According to Daily watch findings, several very Close associates of the APC Strong man in Rivers state are presently discussing with the ADC and SDP with the intent of shifting camps there to further their ambition following the imposition of Cole as the anointed Governorship candidate of the APC in Rivers state.

Already the Party in the State is said to be heavily divided into about five camps with all looking for different avenue t pursue their political ambition rather than stay put in the suffocating hold of the Amaechi Rotimi.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that Senator Abe, Briggs and several others are presently on discuss with the ADC and the SDP with the simple intent of moving out of the APC other parties to ventilate their Political ambition and pursuit.

Presently, the APC in the State is said to be in about five factions as every group seemed to be pursuing its our different agendas.

Attempts by Daily Watch to reach out to Rotimi Amaechi the leader of the APC and Minister for Transport in Rivers state over the general discontent and grumblings going on the state APC was not possible as at the time of hitting the press.




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