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Mamman Duara,Nigeria’s defacto President is seriously ill


Right; President Buhari and cousin Alhaji Mamman Duara who rules Nigeria from the dark

ABUJA- The head of the so called cabal, Alhaji Mamman Duara, the man who calls the shot  in the Government of Mohammadu Buhari as defacto President  is seriously ill and. Alhaji Mamman Duara is  a first cousin to the Nigerian President Mohammed Buhari who runs the daily affairs of the Buhari administration as defacto President with whether Buhari is in the country or outside the country on health reasons. He is the engine room which many Nigerians do not know who actually governs them. Who governs Nigeria?


This is the multi Million Naira question facing many in the city of
Abuja and Nigeria   generally following the rumored ill health of
Nigeria Defector President Mamman Duara, Head of the Cabal in this

Unconfirmed reports from the Seat of Power in the Aso Rock Villa days ago alluded to the Fact that the Elder Cousin of the nation’s
President who today sits as the final clearing house of almost
everything, contracts and appointments in the country is indisposed
and may likely be flown abroad,

While every effort by Daily Watch to confirm the story of the ill
health of Nigeria defector president was not possible daily Watch
would put in all efforts in the days ahead to actually confirm the
authenticity of the story which is said to be a major blow for the
cabal in the presidency as Duara mamman is seen and known as not just the head of the said cabal running things in the Villa but the most powerful man in the country today as his words is like law in and around the presidential villa in Abuja.

While many who should know in and around the Villa readily attest to the fact that the powerful cousins of our president  is truly ill many others claimed the reverse, that the most powerful man in the country is hale and healthy.

All attempts by Daily watch to speak to the media team of the
president  was totally fruitless as nobody was willing to say a word
when it has to do with the president most beloved and respected cousin Mamman Duara,.



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