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Mainagate Scandal: Many lies of AGF Malami, others


*Maina actually got 22 Million as against lies of not
collecting Salary

       *Permanent Secretary accepting blame to cover other secrets.

*Silence over series of cash collected from Maina


ABUJA- The House of Representatives open hearing on the Mainagate issues seem to have brought to fore the real people who not only brought Abdurasheed Maina back from self-imposed corruption exile but those still hiding him from the Laws of the nation.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that truly there was a meeting in UAE between the Pension thief Boss and the AGF of Nigeria but what the AGF failed to tell members of the Representative is the initiator of the meet and the real essence of the meet.

The truth is prior to the 2015 elections when the APC was in dire need of Financial support there was a meeting with several persons and countries indirectly and directly for the provision of funds to carry out their campaigns and one of those who contributed a large chunk of
his stolen billions to the APC campaign fund was Abdurasheed Maina
with an assurance to see to his evasion of his crime if and when the
Party makes it to the Villa.

Like the Saudi Arabia indirect Contribution that agreements was
reached to gagged the Shiite sect movement in Nigeria for which the
government is indirectly implementing with the killing, arrest and
illegal detention of the Shiite leader who at present is in the brink
of not just losing his life so also the return of Maina tied to an
agreement made with the APC top leaders prior to the election of the
Party into Power.

What the AGF and others failed to tell members of the Representative is  how Maina was able to break protocol to meet with the AGF in the same Hotel the Nigerian President was staying and the whole truth about the President  not been part and parcel of the whole arrangement and agreement to bring Maina back after the discreet meet in UAE in the same hotel the president and entourage put up.

According to investigations, the plot to bring Maina back was a done
deal of the President, his AGF, minister of Interior and the cabal in
fulfillment of the agreement reached with Maina before his
contribution of over 4 billion naira to the APC campaign fund and
another two Billion after re-instatement to the Cabal for his  plot
and APC acceptance to  work towards his becoming the governor of Borno state come 2019,a position he was working towards and collected over 22million naira as Salaries for the period he was out of his job before been reinstated by that putting a lie to the statement by the
minister of Finance that Maina did not collect Salary since February
20013 but what the Minister failed to say is if the accumulated salary
amounting to over 22 million was not paid to Maina on his
reinstatement or if Maina all through his re instatement did not
receive a penny from the Federal Government and did approve or dish
out contracts shockingly running into millions that is been hidden
from Nigerians and the House of Representative.

Daily Watch Investigations confirmed that Maina who his presently
domiciled in Abuja Nigeria and in a location known to the DSS, the AGF  and the Presidency and been shielded with the intent to manage the situation and also  the reported Video of an interview with Maina was
shot at one of the Nigeria Security Safe House before Delivery to
channels television

The truth and fact is that the responsibility claim by the Permanent
Secretary  Magaji Abdullahi who was most time indisposed during the period of the Maina saga is even more laughable except he was working on the Maina file and correspondences from his sick bed and sick leave before the Maina gate issue breaks   and has little or no idea about the Maina scandal  tobe claiming full responsibility, all seem simply a well arranged plot entered into  several Weeks back to kill the Maina reinstatement debacle which is a dirt on the APC as an
administration and Buhari as a person  and the only way to cage the
total expose was making the Perm secretary Magaji Abdullahi who was ill and not on post most period of the recall saga  to the ministry of interior  the fall guy having been assured and reassured that the
administration would take no disciplinary measure against him if it he picks the blame but rather compensate him adequately knowingly well that the resolutions of the senate or Assembly has no force of law.

What many Nigerians still need to asked is how the Permanent secretary who was not in the Meet in UAE,  who never initiated or wrote not a letter for Maina re instate all of a sudden becoming the fall guy to blame for Maina reinstate and promotion and payment of over 22 million naira been Salaries accumulation for the period before his reinstatement when no single letter originate from the said  Permanent Secretary to the effect that Maina should be recalled.

Again the many lies, diversionary stories from a supposed AGF about
Maina super hero role in recovering trillions, properties etc yet all
becomes dirty lies when placed side by side  with the facts which is
no properties ,monies was handed over by the highly eulogized Maina by the AGF got o the EFCC so all the lies of the AGF that Ex-Presidents, Lagos Lawyer in Maina  success and resold   properties deals were blatant lies from the AGF to the Nigerian Public and same he fed the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria of the super Hero work with the attempt to turn a renowned thief to a n unrivalled hero, that the Nigeria AGF for you or how else he he not been able to show the list of the supposed properties, trillions Maina handed that were looted or sold till date weeks after his blatant lies to the Press.

The real question to the AGF should be why the Desperation to not only bring Maina but defend whim even with lies from the pit of hell? The facts remain that he is afraid of what the truth would be if and when Maina opens up on the several Millions and Billions collected from him if all the ‘roforofo’ exposure and lies to free him does not succeed it was partly this Maina was making reference to when he claimed many thieves and corrupt men surround the President in his Villa in the Aso rock a subtle threat to Maina, Minister of interior and those that collected money to free him, promote him and make in Governor of Bornu state

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Maina issues is one that involves the President (who was deceived)  the AGF,DSS Minister for interior and almost all the top hierarchy of the Presidency and as such every lie, conspiracy and outright deceit is been employed to kill the whole issue the way it is been presented in the Nigeria House of representative  and senate today.

Daily Watch attempts to put the lies  of Maina seized Properties and
money to EFCC that were sold and bought by Lagos lawyer and looted by ex-President and  other many contradictions  to the AGF was rebuffed by his media team who asked Daily Watch to go get the AGFpresentations from the House of Representative as they have no other answers to any other questions or speculations.


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