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Magugate: Oshiomole, Mamman led Cabal, others in serious panic over Magu’s threat to speak out if…

Ibrahim Magu

*Plots safe landing for Magu and status quo on cases, vanished files etc to remain in place.

*As frantic moves to compromise search and pick a new EFCC Chair for the EFCC intensifies.

  • By Lucky Ohugbo, Abuja

This is really a strange time in and around the close associates of President Mohammadu Buhari following the suspension and arrest of the EFCC Chairman Ibrahim Magu days ago as exposed long ago by Daily Watch reports.

Daily Watch ears in the Villa confirmed that the problem of Magu is said to be creating huge tension and fears in several quarters in the Villa and extension as several associates of the President and many who paid handsomely to have their case  dropped and case files and petitions disappeared from the EFCC  are now running from pillar to post not knowing what may befall them if Magu choose to open up extensively and spill the beans as he threatened to when the crisis started and he had to seek the support of the head of the Cabal and Cousin t Mohammadu Buhari, Mamman Duara for solace.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the embattled chairman of the EFCC has a comprehensive list of every and all who paid and what they paid to help dropped their investigations, disappear case files and even stop cases already on trial to the Cabal through the late Abba Kyari and this list is what the embattled suspended Chairman is threatening to release if help does not come for a safe landing for him in the case he is now facing with the administration.

Daily Watch investigations Confirmed that if Magu opt to speak Nigerians would revolt as Billions have been paid as settlement fees to end investigations or not to even investigate as the case may be, in several cases like that of  Comrade Oshiomole, Bola Tinubu, Gods wil Akpabio (Niger Delta Minister)and hundreds of others  the commission had to sit on the many damning petitions with solid evidences  and pretended none exist while running over small yahoo boys and in others collecting payments to stall and stop   investigations on several others or  refused moving investigated cases to court, while several others like the NJC Registrar and some others whose cases were already in court  got theirs withdrawn and killed after reaching some kind of settlement with the then Kyari led Cabal and Magu, the suspended Chairman of the EFCC and theses were said to be some of the offences already listed against Magu which amongst others included files disappearance, tempering with seized properties and funds.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that already Mamman and several others are pressuring the President to get Magu some kind of soft Landing, where he would just be allowed to quit and simply go with his loots as pushing for trial may bring out several odious deals which may work against the administration’s image locally and internationally.

Daily watch sources has it that in spite of the hue and cry over the Magugate, he would be let go freely and not prosecuted as those who are lobbying for this are said to be several that has the ears of the President which included amongst others Yusuf Sabiu, Mamman Duara and all members of the Mamman Dura and Late Kyari led Cabal who where tactically and greatly involved to a very large extent in most deals cut by Magu and in some cases even giving direct orders to Magu on what to and what not to in the administration of the EFCC under Magu.

Daily Watch findings conformed that already, the evil men are in the thick of picking Magu’s successor and are said to be working on a pliable Northerner that must like Magu be under the firm control of Sabiu led boys and on no account commence investigations, probe or whatever of all cases already booked as dead by the Magu led EFCC under directives f the late Abba Kyari on behalf of the Cabal.

Daily watch ears confirmed that already the Sabiu (the Private Secretary to President Buhari) led crew and Mamman have hurriedly penciled down their two candidates to take over the EFCC which again would be already compromised before the announcement so as to formally allow the status quo in the EFCC to remain in place and for Magu to go free to eat his huge loots.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the joy by Nigerians and their expectations of some great expose or whatever from the Magugate would become wasted as nothing may happened after the whole brouhaha as those working to kill everything Magu looted and did wrong and in extension hide the huge corruption, loots  secrets   in the corridors of power, and among those close to the President and who also have the ears of the President making it utmost difficult for anything new, great to come out of this whole Magu gate.

Daily Watch frantic efforts to reach out to Mallam, the Attorney General of the Federation whose selfish  Memo for Magu’s refusal to tow his own line during the days of the Late Abba Kyari  sparked the whole Magugate brouhaha now hitting the Nation for his views and response as to what next since those backing Magu and have the ears of the President are in serious negotiation to give Magu not just a safe landing but allow the status quo to remain was not possible as his Media man did not pick calls.

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