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Magu may be finally kicked out of EFCC soon



            * As the three Musketeers go for the kill

ABUJA- In the days ahead many surprises are set to hit Nigeria except there is a last minute change of plans by the cabal in the Villa over the continual stay of Ibrahim Magu as the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The plot to finally ease Magu from the top anti-corruption position
was said to have been reached about two days before the President
stepped his foot on the Nigerian Soil after accumulation of sensitive
materials and deeds of the Czar of EFCC.

According to Daily Watch investigations, Magu fall seem made easy by
the anti-corruption fighter himself who was busy shouting about
corruption and the many people he is set to arrest and failed to keep
his own track clean clear as his lines was not only bugged and all his
secrets deals unmasked but collated in hard evidence to nail him.

According to our Source, the Directorate of state Security which played
a very visible role in the stopping of Magu confirmation by the senate
with the sending of very damning reports indicting Magu of several
integrity based issues seem to have hit not just  the bull eye but
several  very substantial and shocking evidences that would make the
integrity issue that rocked the non-confirmation of Magu seem like a
child’s play as the DSS is said to have for months been
on  the secret  trail  and investigation of Magu and carrying out
secret watch and bugging on the investigator and the result is said to
be overwhelmingly shocking that not even the ardent supporter of Magu
would dare put up a single defence for him.

According to the investigation and now report which was said to have
been secretly sponsored by those called the three musketeers in the
Presidency is simply meant to cage Magu once and for all.

The investigation which was discreetly done by the state Security
service on the prompting of the chief of staff to the President,
Mamman Duara and the Director of the state Security is said to be
totally rich on evidences of diverse corrupt deals perfected by the ant-
corruption fighter .

When in the days ahead you will  hear of a re organization that involved the final dropping of the anti-crime Czar know it that the three
musketeers in the Government of Mohammadu Buhari have succeeded in what they failed to use the Nigeria Senate to accomplish over time and to hopefully and finally get their own man on the hot seat.




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