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Maciver Market Warri, the new hub of cocaine, other hard drugs trade

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  *SARS, NDLA, Police all visit for some dose of the substance and settlement collections.

*Just as under aged girls, ladies turned sites to sex for drug deals.

This doesn’t seemed to be or  tell a good picture or story of the once ever flourishing and notable Market in Warri, the Mciver Market as the most respected and greatly popular market known for its unique services has degenerated to the hub of miscreants and some notable Nigerians who are addicted to the white powder stuff.

Daily Watch journey to Maciver Market through the roundabout from Odion road where Cocaine trade booms was not an accident but a deliberate act to  serious assess the activities of the cocaine market in the me locale.

The sale of cocaine and other hard drugs like  Skunk popularly called SK,Indian hemp etc in the Maciver terrain is just like the sale of simple vegetables as the market thieves without any inhibition or fear of the security agents who too have become participants in the hard drug taking field or there for their tithe collection which is what most of the security patrol vehicles that come around the drug enclave called their bribe taking cash.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the trade starts as early as 6am and runs till about 2 to three am in the night as buyers of diverse status are normally seen in the locale coming for their feed of hard drugs.

While the rich and notable ones addicted to drugs normally drive down and  get supplied inside their very expensive cars without as much as stepping out of their cars before speeding off in few seconds, the poverty stricken addicted few are those seen around begging for drugs in some cases and in others begging for money in lieu of sex to buy drug.

The Vicinity most time become charged up as from 7pm when the crowd from diverse places throng to the drug hub for a taste of their drug  hunger as the dealers rakes as much as over two million naira daily from sales of the hard drugs mostly cocaine.

The most shocking thing in the drug market is the prevalence of a crowd of under aged girls and boys who re so addicted to the drug but yet cant foot their drug needs as such hang out all over the vicinity awaiting either crumbs, gratis or even sleeping their way inside uncompleted building, keke or sharks of shops around to get money to get their doses of cocaine with some even sleeping within the uncompleted buildings and churches around.

Most worrisome is the prevalence of under aged mothers with babies delivered right there at the cocaine post with father not known as the under aged mothers only got impregnated by men that came to purchase cocaine and who also sleep with these under ages addicted cocaine sniffers for little dose of the hard substance.

Daily Watch findings also confirmed the intermittent appearance of security officers from NDLA, SARS, Police and others who throng the drug vicinity for steady collections of their ‘tithes’(Bribes) to look the other way while the trade flourished.

Daily watch attempts to reach out to the DPO’s of Daudu Police State and A’ Division which are some few distances from this drug market was not possible as all police officers in the two stations blocked this reporter from assessing their boss just as attempts to reach out to the NDLA sub office was also rebuffed.




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