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‘Lootocrats’: Buhari’s trusted men,  Abba Kyari, Mamman Duara, others  corner billions of dollars in secret Abuja raid

Aso Rock cabal

*President Buhari , EFCC, ICPC play the  mute card

By Lucky Ojigbo, Abuja

Looting and high class stealing of the Nations hard earned resources seemed to be the new past time of several of those close to the President Mohammadu Buhari with the President either, cowed afraid to cough or just overwhelmed with the looting spray by his close associates that make up the popular the Cabal  which is made up of Mamman Duara, the President’s Senior Cousin and head of the Cabal, the Chief of staff to the President Abba Kyari  and several others who are all now involved in diverse form of  looting and  cash settlements (tithes) for corruption investigations and cases..


Daily Watch  investigations has again unearthed how Buhari’s powerful cousin and head of the Cabal Mamman Duara, Abba Kyari, Chief of staff to Mohammadu Buhari, the Ex- DSS boss Lawan Duara( who still discreetly works for President Buhari and the cabal) and others  stole and share several billions of  Naira recovered from  a secret Flat in Abuja  without reporting  it anywhere or keep any  record of the raid except in the hands of the Cabal and the Villa.

The huge sum which was carted away from the residence of a former Minister for Justice Chief Adokie Bello at flat 6, block1 (NNPC Quarters area 11 Ghaki was said to run into several millions in  Dollars  both in cash and gold bars  in an operation that was personally led by the Ex -Director of the DSS Lawan Duara, Abba Kyari, the President Chief of Staff and some trusted and elected EFCC/DSS officers.

Daily Watch investigations has it that the sum was monies from the renown and much talked about  Malabo oil deals and it took over three days for the DSS Ex –Dg, Abba Kyari with their cohorts in the Dss and EFCC to evacuate the total cash which strangely till today is not recorded in any book, Nigerian bank  or the Central Bank of Nigeria as funds recovered by the Buhari’s government  instead it was secretly shared and pocketed by Mamman Duara,(Buhari’s Cousin) Abba Kyari,(Chief of Staff to Mohammadu Buhari) Ex Dss Boss(the suspected head of Maxim x squad) and other very close associates of President Mohammadu Buhari.

Daily Watch diligent efforts to get from the duo of Mamman and Abba Kyari where the confiscated and recovered money and gold bars are kept or why reports of the raid and recovery of such huge sum is not reported in the Papers or officially reported to the EFCC was also not answered by anyone except for some snippets of secret information from those in the Villa that the total cash and Gold bar had been audaciously shared by members of the Buhari’s Cabal and few of the President Family members with not one single records of such recovery anywhere in the country’s account books or banks.

It would be recalled that Abba Kyari the President Chief of staff together with the Ex -Director of the DSS were secretly involved in this type of dirty business where Corrupt Nigerians were harassed and made to pay several millions and at times billions which they shared amongst themselves to be let off the hook from their corrupt deals or lootings such that every corrupt persons files in the EFCC presently is cleared by the Chief of Staff to the President before EFCC does any investigation or action and by so making Abba Kyari and the Cabal the final clearing House of all Corruption matters to which they also involved in collection of tithes for the killing of cases.

Already the issue of the carted money is said to be generating tension as a representative of the Whistle Blower who was supposed to get twenty percent of the recovered money from the NNPC quarters belonging to the Ex -Attorney General Adokie but got nothing is said to be raising hell and has even gone to the President to lodge his complaints of the looted billions and gold bars which has no records in the Central bank, EFCC or any place but simply shared by the President associates few days after the carting of the Money from the residence of Adokie with the President said to be mute over the grand loot prompting many to be asking if the President is also aware of the shared Billions by his close associates in the Villa.

Daily Watch spoke to one of the Whistle blowers representative who took the information of the cash at the Ghaki House to Abba Kyari before the raid was carried out in the person of  Brigadier General Adamu Yusuf who confirmed the story and the disappearance of the huge sum and gold bars amongst the men in power without any record  in any Bank or trace of the huge heist  in the coffers of the Central Bank.





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