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Lootocracy: RUGA rested yet N32billion remains rested in private pockets


By Lucky Ojigbo (Managing Editor)

While Nigerians were up in joy over the decision by the Buhari’s administration to rest for now the much criticized and opposed RUGA, a deceitful plot to create comminutes for Fulani’s in all the 36 states of the Federation the monies secretly and hurriedly withdrawn from the Nigeria Coffers for the Project has not also been withdrawn but shockingly rested just like the RUGA policy in the accounts of top Buhari’s associates.

Daily Watch reported several days ago of how a whopping ten Billion was overnight taken from the Nigerian Central Bank with plots in advance state to cart away another 20 Billion before the RUGA was rested but shockingly the resting of the so called RUGA has not at the same time seen to the return of the monies picked of the Central Bank for the Project which is not in the Nigerian Budget but yet getting funds from the Central bank on orders of higher powers without the National Assembly appropriation.

Daily Watch also exposed a 12 Billion Naira carted from the Ecological fund by the Chief of Staff to President Mohammadu Buhari  Chief Abba Kyari and two others which included the Secretary to the Federal Government Muster her Boss but shockingly has also disappeared or do we say rested in their accounts as not a kobo has also been returned to the Ecological accounts from where it was in the first place taken from without appropriation.

Daily Watch series of attempts to know from the Central Bank if a dime has been returned  was rebuffed by the bank’s top officers who feigned ignorance of any monies released for the RUGA scheme but Daily Watch credible sources in the Bank confirmed with extreme correctness that not a dime from all what was taken put has been drafted back even with the suspension of the very controversial RUGA Scheme.






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