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Lesbianism,Gay Boom in Abuja


ABUJA- The state of affairs in the country poverty  seem to be
creating more social problems as the Federal Capital Territory today
seem to have become a beehive of many inglorious activities and acts
hitherto spoken and done  in the secrets before now in the Capital
city of Nigeria.

Today, what used to be a secret spectacle in the seat of Power is
now seem as the vogue as several young men and ladies now seem to be
forced into very disgraceful acts as a result of the biting Poverty
that has taken over the country as many cannot find even one square
meal a day as against the past where three square meal is guaranteed.


Daily Watch reporter visit to the popular Federal Capital territory Zone Four
which was before now merely a ground for scarlet ladies has now grown
in leaps and bound to accommodate gigolos, lesbianism and gays in their fold.

Our reporter movement around the Capital city days ago was as
shocking and educative as most  five star hotels, zone Four, NNPC
junction and several others are said to be presently take over by gays,
gigolos and Scarlet ladies all hustling for customers to raise
stipends  to fight against the prevailing poverty that has enveloped
the land.

In the capital today, hardly a corner one turns to that you
don’t see a well-dressed young man asking if you need services of  any
kind, a secret code to mean male Gigolos or gay partners.
The situation is so appalling   that well-meaning Nigerians are
now said to be facing shocking harassment from these Nigerians who
seem to be daring and fearless in the pursuit of their sordid sources

of livelihood.


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