Latest: Is Nnamdi Kanu in the Creek of Niger Delta?

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Embattled IPOB leader Nnamdi

CALABAR-   The story of operation python Dance11 seem far from over if the
revelation coming out of the East and the Niger Delta creeks is
anything to go by as speculations are rife that the leader of the
Popular Independent People Of Biafra (IPOB) is said to been sighted in
the creeks of Bakkasi under the protection of the Niger Delta

Daily watch incisive investigations from Abia to the creeks of Niger
Delta  in the past three days points to a serious link between Kanu
disappearance few hours to the minute of the military onslaught on his
residence to  a security moves towards the creeks of the Niger Delta
as against the two speculations earlier to the effect that Kanu was
Killed in the  python Dance 11 attack and  the other by a Northern
Youth group  days ago  that Kanu has escaped to Cameroon.

According to very reliable sources in the Creeks and Abia Kanu moves
to the creek is said to be not only for security reason but to evade
the discreet order given for his assassination during the Python Dance
debacle on the IPOB leader’s Home.

In the words of one of the IPOB leaders closest ally  Sumto Nwankwo
”kanu few minutes before the attack and  disappearance to where ever
is a strategic move to outwit the military and re -strategize for the
next phase of the struggle since the military has converted our non-
violent struggle to terrorism we too need link  with higher forces to
see how we can replicate the tag the military now want us to carry”.

File Photo: Niger Delta Militants

From his conversation with to Daily Watch and sundry investigation it seems that the jubilation that the Nigerian Military  has succeeded in the
levelling  and routing of the IPOB seem a celebration too early as the
victory seem not only short lived but is simply pushing the IPOB
underground and making in even more difficult to see or predict their
next line of Action.

Already  speculations  is rife in the East that Kanu is not dead but
now domiciled in the Creeks of the Niger Delta and under the
Protection of the Militants who are now said to be  align with him in
his next phase of the struggle there by raising  new  fears that the
once peaceful IPOB is on the verge of getting fully linked to the
Militants and getting metamorphosed into a armed struggle, if their
court case against the proscription fails as the IPOB may then fully
align with the boys of the Niger Delta that’s if at all the story of
Kanu in the creeks is eventually confirmed to be true.

Daily Watch exclusively spoke with the younger Brother of Kanu who
goes by the name  Fine Boy  Kanu on the possibility of Kanu been in
the creeks but he vehemently refused to  deny or confirm the story
according to him ‘’The invading troops did not get at Kanu and Kanu is
not among those killed or taken away by the Military as his were about
would not be revealed, they the Military only succeeded  in killing as
many IPOB members as they saw at the Palace and totally desecrate the
sacred Palace and killed hundreds of IPOB members and predictably went
away with the corpses”
Also Daily Watch reach out to one of the outspoken Militants and a
friend of the embattled IPOB leader to confirm the story of Kanu
taking refuge among the Militants in the creeks  but his response seem
to pose more confusion than revelation as the Leader of the New
Bakassi Strike Force who is said to be a personal friend of the IPOB
leader also refused categorically to confirm the story, according to
him ‘‘We  would  be foolish to give away such vital secrets if he is
with us, why would we for any reason do that? But if assuming at all
he  is with us, is  it not for his own safety? Is it  not in his best
interest to be with us for his own future knowing that the biased
Nigerian Military is set to just assassinate him for no justifiable
reason?” he said.

Already there is  said to be some kind of panic and disquiet in the
seat of power over this suspicion and the  Nigeria Military and  their
informants in the Niger Delta are said to be prowling the creeks
discreetly and in serious  panic over the story of Kanu  hobnobbing
and in refuge  with the Militants in the Niger Delta as this if truly
so would be totally disastrous  and counter-productive  to the fight
against the IPOB and the militants since with both together certainly
the future would be terribly dicey for the war against the IPOB.





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