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Latest; Cracks in APC widened as Tinubu Caucus Meets Atiku


LAGOS-In what seem to be a strategic but deft political move, the Atiku
political machine seem to be weathering the numerous storms and
political huddles on his match to becoming the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, if series of moves, alignments and re- alignments’ in less than a week now is anything to go by.

Atiku Abubarkar who seem to be   enjoying  major attacks from all
parts of the selfish group as a result of his burgeoning personality
and support base as a result of his new found solution of Restructure
Mantra as a panacea to  Nigeria problem seem to be stylishly
overcoming most obstacles on his part by the many forces working
against him.

It would be recalled that several weeks ago the Retired military
class spear headed by the trio of Oluasegun  Obasanjo ,Abdusalami
Abubakar and Badamusi Banbagida did held a meeting with the sole
purpose of not only stopping the Atiku’s  political train  in the APC
but also plotting moves to kill his bid to decamp to PDP to pick the
Party’s ticket by budgeting several billions to do justice to all
Political moves by Atiku and in the same period the powerful cabal
headed by the chief of staff to the President and the DG of the DSS
and the Buhari political family  headed by Mamman Duara are said to
have met with the twin aim of picking an anointed candidate  in the
APC so as to burst any hope of Atiku making it in the Party.


The recent brouhaha over a simple comment by the minister for
women affairs and the series of taunts and call for resignation are
all pointed to the great anathema the Atiku’s name and bid is viewed
around not just the corridors of power but within the ranks of the
retired military men.

But  Atiku like a man with nine claws and focus Atiku Abubarkar seem not to be deterred as he is said to be building though surreptitiously
strategic political alliances to overcome all threats and schemes
against him, just days ago, the former vice President played host
to two notable political groups from the South West in Abuja at
different times in his bid to wrestle all opposition to the ground.

While the first meeting seem normal because it involves the core Yoruba
group Afiniferi who visited to sort the mind of the ex-Vice President
on the issue of restructuring and methodology. The second group visit
was seen as a master stroke to counter the forces of the Cabals and
the Buhari Political family as it involves key members of the Tinubu
Political Family cutting across all over the country.

While the discussion and aim of the meeting was not made clear to
Daily Watch, snippet of information confirms that it was a bid to fraternize with the Tinubu group into the larger Atiku Presidential bid so as to concretize Atiku’s hold in the South West which is the key area that
would bring the swing votes, if there were to be a contest between two
Northern Candidates.


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